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LIQUI MOLY drops new Motorbike Detailer for easy and fast take care paintwork of motorbike and scooter

LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Detailer

LIQUI MOLY has recently released the new Motorbike Detailer which offers riders an easy and fast way to take care the paintwork of motorbike and scooter. The new Motorbike Detailer by LIQUI MOLY just requires riders to just spray on, wipe off, done.

Dieter Otto

It does not only adds shine, it also tackles dirty jobs. Dust, paw marks from martens or cats, and even bird droppings are effortlessly removed by the spray. “There are dry shampoos for hair. The comparison is obvious, but it falls short,” emphasizes the LIQUI MOLY expert. The newcomer to the care product range of the German specialist for vehicle chemicals is an extremely effective spray that seals smooth paintwork for several weeks and gives it a radiant deep sheen. Water beads off treated surfaces and new dirt has a hard time spreading. This applies to smooth painted surfaces as well as smooth plastic surfaces, steel and aluminum rims.

The application of the Motorbike Detailer is just as versatile as its effect: The agent works on both dry and wet surfaces. A decisive factor for the result is the type of cloth. “The best thing is to use a high-pile microfiber cloth with laser cut. It prevents streaks and can absorb a lot of moisture,” Dieter Otto points out. The old saying is true here too: Good things come in pairs. That’s why the introduction of the care spray also goes hand in hand with the presentation of the ‘Polishing Microfiber Cloth’.

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