Lifebuoy launches new Multivitamin+ Body Wash and Hand Wash in Malaysia

[From Left] Maryam Younarae, Parenting KOL, Joe Chang, Parenting KOL, Carrol Tan, Acting Head of Trading, Watsons Malaysia, Caryn Loh, Managing Director, Watsons Malaysia, Lenny Chuah, Personal Care Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand (MYSGTH) Lead and Head of Malaysia, Unilever Malaysia, Maggie Tay, Malaysia-Singapore Head of Customer Business Development, Unilever Malaysia, Siti Suhaila, MY-SG Skin Cleansing Lead, Unilever Malaysia and Dr. Malar Santhi, Health Expert

Unilever has recently launched its new antibacterial formula, Lifebuoy Multivitamins+, in its body wash and hand wash that ensures unparalleled germ protection for the entire family. The new series is infused with vitamins B3, C, and E, offering double-duty in supporting the skin’s natural defense against bacteria by improving skin protection and skin health properties in addition to killing germs.

Panel of experts shared their insights, knowledge and experience on Lifebuoy Multivitamins+ benefits and challenges faced by parents around maintaining good hygiene practices. [From left] Diyana Hashim, moderator, Siti Suhaila, MY-SG Skin Cleansing Lead, Unilever Malaysia, Dr Malar Santhi, health expert, Maryam Younarae and Joe Chang parenting KOLs.

Skin is our body’s first barrier against infection-causing germs from our surroundings. This antimicrobial function of the skin barrier is supported by an adequate supply of micronutrients, including vitamins. Some vitamins can be absorbed by the skin, which is why many skincare products contain vitamins as added ingredients. Hygiene products such as body wash and hand wash interact with our skin multiple times a day, every day. Therefore, looking out for cleansers that contain vitamins could give our skin an extra boost to fight germs, said Dr Malar Santhi at the launch of Lifebuoy Multivitamins+ in Sunway Pyramid. 

Our skin naturally produces antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) in sweat and sebum. They function like tiny soldiers that our body sends out to fight harmful germs that try to enter our skin. By acting as antioxidants, vitamins B3, C, and E guard the skin barrier against free radicals that can interfere with AMP production. Furthermore, vitamins C and B3 are also known to promote a healthy skin barrier. Blended with other skin health ingredients, these vitamins complement the skin’s natural defenses against irritants and germs, offering a huge potential to help improve hygiene and combat preventable diseases. 

Lifebuoy Multivitamins+ is scientifically proven to provide 10 times stronger germ protection than soap formula without active antibacterial ingredients, killing 99.9% of germs. It is also dermatologically tested for skin compatibility and clinically proven suitable for everyday use, leaving your skin feeling healthy and clean after every wash.  

Lenny Chuah, Personal Care Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand (MYSGTH) Lead and Head of Malaysia, Unilever Malaysia

Celebrating the launch, Lenny Chuah, Head of Country, Unilever Malaysia and Country Business Unit Lead of Personal Care in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand said, “With a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of millions of Malaysians, we are constantly evolving our formula and raising the bar to foster healthier lives as this is a journey with no end goal. This is why Lifebuoy is the world’s number one hygiene soap brand. With our last revamp announced just five years ago in 2018, today’s launch that ushers Lifebuoy into a new era of hygiene and germ protection, stands as our testament. After all, it is our mission to ensure there is no loss of life due to preventable infections.”  

Caryn Loh, Managing Director, Watsons Malaysia delivering her welcoming remarks.

As the official partner of the launch, Caryn Loh, Managing Director, Watsons Malaysia said, “We are dedicated to providing a diverse array of reliable personal care choices for our customers and families across Malaysia. This is why this occasion holds a significant place in our hearts, as it not only marks our long-standing collaboration with Lifebuoy but also symbolizes our shared journey towards a healthier community.” 

Lifebuoy Multivitamins+ comes in six body wash variants – Total 10, Gentle Skin Care, Lemon Fresh, Cool Fresh, Vita Protect, and Moisture Plus; and four hand wash variants – Total Protect, Activ Fresh, Gentle Skin Care, and Lemon Fresh. Suitable for kids aged 3 and above. Available in all retailers nationwide. 

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