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LG Malaysia launches new LG WashTower; perfect pair with LG Styler for smarter laundry solution as the new Laundry DUO

LG Malaysia has recently launched the new LG WashTower, offering Malaysians a smarter and more seamless laundry solution. The WashTower is the first fully integrated one-body laundry solution that combines washer and dryer, all-in-one control panel. It also features advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a single, space-efficient unit to deliver greater convenience.

“The innovative, yet practical LG WashTower takes the user experience and laundry results to the next level with a brand-new concept of integrated washer and dryer laundry solution. Equipped with the company’s advanced laundry technology and boasting a space-friendly design, I believe the LG WashTower will elevate Malaysians’ laundry experience at home to new heights,” said Justin Choi, Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia. 

LG WashTower features the company’s Smart Pairing feature which automatically sets the optimal drying cycle based on the last wash cycle to allow hassle-free drying. It would pre-heat and prepare the dryer by sending signal from the washer to the dryer, saving users even more valuable time and effort on laundry chores.

It also saves time on washing with the TurboWash 360° and drying via the Prepare to Dry pre-heating feature. Simply by clicking a pre-set default button on the control panel, the TurboWash 360° activates a power-motion wash action system with increased water temperature and smart rinse jet spray nozzle to enhance and speed up the wash and dry cycle in just 60-minutes with the help of the Prepare to Dry pre-heating feature. 

You can also managed and controlled remotely on the LG WashTower with LG ThinQ app. The LG ThinQ app enables users to start or stop the washing cycle and even send notifications when the laundry is done, as well as set reminders about scheduled product maintenance. 

Together with AI DD technology, the LG WashTower is able to identify the most suitable washing pattern (drum motions, water temperature and wash cycle time) for each load, reducing fabric damage by 10 percent while increasing the longevity of your clothes. Simply with just the click of a button, LG WashTower offers customised performance through the AI technology, without having to navigate the complicated buttons of conventional washing machine. In order to achieve optimal cleaning results, LG WashTower uses built-in sensors to detect the load size, fabric type and the level of soiling of a clothing article, then automatically adjust the washing style and detergent amount. 

LG WashTower also offers a friendly usability with the Center Control panel, which is located the center of the device. The easy access buttons are ergonomically positioned to allow operation of all settings and functions at ease, offering a better user experience.  

The DUAL Inverter HeatPump on the LG WashTower can adjust drying temperature based on the drying load and fabric softness. This feature helps to reduce energy consumption and fabric damage during drying cycle, by widening the circulation speed range from fast to slow, drying clothes in a lower temperature. Meanwhile, the DUAL Inverter HeatPump dryer will automatically clean the filter in every one to three times per drying cycle by washing out the particles with powerful water spray.

Apart from all the cool feature, the LG WashTower is also looking aesthetically well with a flat, unibody design that brings a subtle, minimalist aesthetic to one’s home. It features black tinted-glass doors, decorative chrome elements and Black Steel finish for excellent durability with high resistance to scratching

Not only that, the LG WashTower can be paired with the LG Styler, functioning as an all-in-one garment steamer, sanitizer, and dry cleaner. Both are touted as the brand new Laundry DUO concept, as there are some garments that are too delicate to be washed and dried with the washing machine and dryer; this is where the LG Styler comes into play. 

LG Malaysia has confirmed the LG WashTower is available now at RM13,999; while the LG Styler is priced at RM8,499. For those looking to get the Laundry DUO , you can get it during the LG Trio Bonanza Sale-brations, starting from now until 31st December 2022 where the LG WashTower and LG Styler are offered at RM12,999 and RM6,399 respectively with rebate up to RM1,000!

To find out more information or to purchase the LG WashTower and LG Styler, be sure to visit LG Electronics Malaysia’s website or go to the nearest LG authorised dealers nationwide.

For more information on the LG WashTower and LG Styler, visit https://www.lg.com/my/washtower/the-perfect-match and https://www.lg.com/my/lg-styler or follow LG’s official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LGMalaysia/ for the latest updates, news and promotions.

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