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LG Energy Solution Presents Innovative Battery Technology and ESG Initiatives at InterBattery 2021

The Company’s ESG Initiatives Highlighted Through Trade Show’s Sustainability and Reuse ESS Zones Presenting Cutting-edge Technologies Including micro cell and the World’s Largest ESS Battery Pack Unveiling the Revolutionary Aluminum-added NCMA Cathode and Silicon Anode Material Technology for the First Time in the Industry

SEOUL, South Korea, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LG Energy Solution, South Korea’s leading manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries, is showcasing its world-beating battery technologies and solutions at Korea’s largest secondary battery trade fair, InterBattery 2021, from June 9 to 11 in Seoul’s Coex Convention & Exhibition Center.

LG Energy Solution Presents Innovative Battery Technology and ESG Initiatives at InterBattery 2021

Since its official spin-off from LG Chem on December 1 2020, this marks LG Energy Solution’s first appearance at the trade show hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in association with the Korea Battery Industry Association. With over 230 companies from all over the world in attendance, LG Energy Solution is introducing its latest battery technology and outlining the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives that reinforce its global reputation as a world-leading energy company committed to creating social value for the next generation of people and the environment.

In the ESG Zone, as the first global battery maker to join both RE100 and EV100 environmental initiatives through its zero-carbon by 2030 goal, LG Energy Solution is delivering its ESG initiatives through ‘CHARGE’ – an acronym for Climate Action & Circular Economy; Human Value Management; Advanced EH&S; Responsible & Impactful Business; Good Governance; ESG Disclosure & Communication.

In the Reuse ESS Zone, LG Energy Solution explains its efforts in creating a circulative battery ecosystem. To demonstrate this, a mockup system of the ‘Reuse ESS Battery Project’ – an electric vehicle charging station at its Ochang plant – is displayed to show how dead batteries are withdrawn, reused and recycled. Across the hall at the Next-generation Zone, the company is showcasing battery products of the future like its all-solid state battery technology with improved safety features and lightweight lithium-sulfur batteries boasting higher energy density.

In addition, the Core Technology Zone introduces LG Energy Solution’s differentiated battery materials that have maximized battery performance and safety, including its NCMA – the industry’s first aluminum-added quaternary battery, SiO (Silicon Anode Materials) and SRS® (Safety Reinforced Separator). What’s more, the company also highlights its innovative battery manufacturing process through Lamination & Stacking and Long Cell Design.

An official from LG Energy Solution said that InterBattery 2021 sets the stage for LG Energy Solution, the world-leading battery company, to present its wide range of product portfolios and major technologies. The official also added, consumers are able to see for themselves the various next-generation battery technologies by LG Energy Solution that are poised to lead the energy sector into the future, like our groundbreaking all-solid and lithium-sulfur batteries.

Meanwhile, LG Energy Solution recently announced a second joint plant with GM (General Motors), the U.S.’s leading automaker. With the Michigan plant already built, LG Energy Solution is currently constructing its first 35GWh joint battery plant with GM in Ohio, while a same-sized second plant is to be built in Springhill, Tennessee, through a $2.3 billion investment that will secure the production of batteries equipped with the most advanced technology.

About LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution is a global leader delivering advanced lithium-ion batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV), Mobility & IT applications, and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). With 30 years of experience in advanced battery technology, it continues to grow rapidly towards the realization of sustainable life. With over 23,000 employees working within its robust global network that spans the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, LG Energy Solution is more committed than ever to developing innovative technologies that will bring the future energy a step closer. For more information, please visit

LG Energy Solution Presents Innovative Battery Technology and ESG Initiatives at InterBattery 2021

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