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Girls, get your creativity flowing with LEGO DOTS

As young girls growing up, they see the world in a different way where creativity helps them to define who they are. With that, LEGO Malaysia has launched their newest range of product, LEGO DOTS, where it aims at young girls to take charge of their creativity and owning their identity.

What is LEGO DOTS? How do I express my creativity with it?

This new line of play patterns is DIY themed and encourage young girls aged from 6 years+ to express themselves by decorating their own accessories and adorning their rooms with self-designed décor items using 2D tiles. Equipped with their new #DotYourWorld Campaign, LEGO Malaysia envisioned this new range to be a tool for empowering young girls to express themselves and dotting their world through their point-of-view.

LEGO DOTS taps into the arts and crafts space by utilising 1×1 tiles (Square, round, quarter-circle and new gem tiles) with bright colors and expressive prints including emojis, rainbows, glitter, animals, space, music and more. This tile-based play concept is offering young girls a creative canvas for self-expression and creativity.  

The affordable new collection which consists of bracelets, picture holders, a jewellery stand, a pencil pot and the first in a series of ‘Extra Dots’ emoji booster packs, is designed for individual customisation which is sure to excite young creative minds even more.

What kind of DOTS pack is available in Malaysia?

The LEGO® DOTS range consists of a number of bracelets, an assortment of room deco items and a refill tiles pack. There are five bracelet sets being released during this first wave of LEGO DOTS; the Rainbow Bracelet, Funky Animals Bracelet, Sparkly Unicorn Bracelet, Cosmic Wonder Bracelet, and Love Birds Bracelet. These awesome bracelet kits features an adjustable band that fits around their wrists and 32 colorful tiles, including different unique tiles depending on the particular bracelet. These bracelets are priced at RM24.90 each.

Rainbow Jewellery Stand

The Rainbow Jewellery Stand features five hooks to hang jewellery or any of the LEGO® DOTS wearables and a tray to keep accessories, plus tiles for kids to decorate with, using their imagination and self-expression skills to make it uniquely their own. Priced at RM74.90, this set can match their mood or their room and show off their fun designs, because anything goes with all the LEGO DOTS sets.

Animal Picture Holders

As girls love to show out their precious memory photos, Lego DOTS has a Animal Picture Holders that really bring out the photos. This unique DIY toy set features three lids and picture holders, plus colorful tiles for designing adorable cat, dog, llama or any other animal faces a child might like. At RM74.90, your photos will not be boring anymore!

Pineapple Pencil Holder

Priced at RM99.90, the Pineapple Pencil Holder features a tall yellow pencil holder with lid and spinning green leaves on top and a smaller pink and green watermelon wedge stationery box with lid, plus colorful tiles to stretch their imagination and self-expressive play skills while making the desk decor boxes fun and unique.

Extra DOTS – Series 1

To further expand the creativity of the young girls, LEGO Malaysia has brought in Extra Dots – Series 1 pack which consists of extra tiles that is compatible with the entire LEGO DOTS line.

Got you interested with sets? That’s good as LEGO DOTS range was launched on 1st March 2020 and are available now at all LEGO Certified Stores, LEGOLAND, Toys “R” Us and other participating outlets.

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