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Lee Zii Jia is the latest Brand Ambassador for LG PuriCare

LG has announced Malaysian badminton player, Lee Zii Jia as the brand ambassador for its LG PuriCare brand in Malaysia in a livestream event on 6th October 2021. You can rewatch the live event with by heading to https://fb.watch/8tasbUEToP/. The partnership with Lee Zii Jia showcases LG’s commitment in enabling a health-centric lifestyle for Malaysians and its continuous efforts in offering groundbreaking products that are Clean, Quick and Precise, which serve the community. 

A brand new tagline, Life’s On, Live Better, LG PuriCare brand will work closely with Zii Jia to educate and drive awareness among Malaysians on the importance of health and hygiene in current times, made possible by its state-of-the-art air and water solutions: the Tankless Water Purifier, Air Purifier, and its newly enhanced Wearable Air Purifier. 

“We are proud and honoured to call Malaysia’s National shuttler and pride, Lee Zii Jia our brand ambassador for LG PuriCare. Beyond his determination and drive, Zii Jia’s focus on leading a healthy lifestyle is a great representation of what our brand stands for – the continuous advancement on health- and hygiene-centric products for the well-being of our Malaysian consumers,” said Kim Kyu Tae, the Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia.

“I am always working to be a better player at every practice, game and tournament. One of the many things I focus on to make that happen is through taking care of my health with the quality of air and water at home and outside of home. I believe that LG PuriCare™ products complement the lifestyle that I lead,” said Lee Zii Jia.

During the event, LG PuriCare also showed off their products to Malaysians. The products details are below:

LG PuriCare Tankless Water Purifier’s cutting-edge ‘tankless’ technology is always innovating to meet the ever-changing environment and consumer needs. LG PuriCare Tankless Water Purifier caters to consumer demands for convenience, safety, and hygiene with features such as the 3-Stage Filtration System that eliminates microorganism and 7 types of heavy metals including mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, iron, copper, and aluminium contained in water. The ‘tankless’ technology directly filters water without the need of a tank, where potentially dangerous microorganisms form, ensuring heighten hygiene for consumers.

LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier boasts an advanced filtration system and air purifying technologies that ensures fresh and clean air at home. With its one-of-a-kind 360-degree design, the air purifier effortlessly creates a healthy, comfortable indoor environment and can be conveniently placed anywhere in the room. Additionally, the advanced Clean Booster – a fan located at the top of the air purifier – enables the PuriCare to send clean air up to 7.5 metres. Its nozzle has a tilted design and can rotate up to 70 degrees laterally, pushing fresh, filtered air to all parts of the room.

The newly upgraded revolutionary LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is a wearable personal air solution that allows the breathing in of clean, fresh air as it purifies air thoroughly. The Wearable Air Purifier is equipped with a fully automatic fan airflow control system that increases breathing comfort. It also incorporates two HEPA H13 filters, the same as those found in premium air purifiers for the home, to ensure the air the user breathes is as clean as healthy as possible. The Wearable Air Purifier is proven to remove harmful particles such as dust, virus, bacteria, and allergen up to 99.95% with its HEPA H13 filters.

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