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Leading designers of Korea progress into ‘London Fashion Week’, with the support of Seoul city

– Leading designer from Seoul Fashion Week advances into London Fashion Week

– Seoul city supports designers from Seoul Fashion Week to be showcased at London Fashion Week, one of the four major global events with lofty standards

– Seoul city hosting ‘2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week'(October 7~15) as a 100% contact free & digital pre-production

– Promotional video by ‘Kai’, the promotional ambassador, released on YouTube on the 15th… Introducing K-Fashion and Seoul Heritage to the World

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Seoul’s leading designer Lee Chung-chung’s LIE and the brand BMUET(TE) will be showcased at the ‘London Fashion Week (9.17~ 9.22)’ which is considered one of the world’s four major fashion weeks alongside Paris, New York, and Milan.

Images of ‘Kai’ from EXO, the global ambassador for the ‘2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’

The Seoul Metropolitan city proposed an exchange with the British Fashion Council (BFC), which is proactively operating programs to nurture rising designers. As a part of the ongoing collaboration project, Seoul city is providing support for designers participating in Seoul Fashion Week to advance into the global London Fashion Week which has been reputable for its high standards to join.   

The concept for the 2022 S/S season of LIE started with the belief in the possibility of escaping the stagnant and faded reality from the pain and suffering caused by COVID, and to return to the beautiful days of Seoul in Belle Époque, which means beautiful times in French. The splendor and elegance were reborn through the inspiration from the Belle Époque era, and dynamic cuts, patterns, and elaborate tailoring were used to reflect the confidence of beautiful women.

The concept for the 2022 S/S season of BMUET(TE) is Surplus Reality.  This concept expresses a faerie deviance that escapes our daily ways of experiencing the reality to see it from a rather unfamiliar point of view.

In addition, the ‘2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ will be held as a 100% contact free & digital pre-production from October 7 (Thursday). In particular, this Fashion Week plans to mark the start of the use of TikTok, the world’s leading short-form platform used by 1 billion people around the world, to broadcast various contents such as backstage videos.

The ‘2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ will encapsulate Gyeongbokgung, the best palace in Joseon, as well as other palaces from the Joseon Dynasty such as Deoksugung, Unhyeongung, and Gyeonghuigung, and the modern and contemporary buildings such as the Seodaemun Prison History Hall, the Proboke Seoul, and the DDP.  Tourist attractions which hold the dynamic history of the 600 years of Seoul will be transformed into runways to guest visitors from all around the world.

‘Kai’ from EXO who has global recognition and fan base will appear as the global ambassador for the ‘2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’. The promotional video for Seoul Fashion Week which presents Kai wearing the look from the designer <(BMUET(TE)> who will be showcased at this year’s London Fashion Week through the support of Seoul city will be premiered on YouTube on the 15th (Wednesday).

Seoul city stated, “The exchange with this year’s London Fashion Week is an opportunity for our designers who grew up in Seoul to step into the international stage, notify the competitiveness of Seoul’s fashion industry, and to have their potentials evaluated.” Seoul city added, “We are promoting exchanges with not only the London Fashion Week, but also the Paris and Milan Fashion Week, which are also part of the four major fashion weeks.” Furthermore, Seoul city stated, “We will do our best to elevate the reputation of K-fashion, revitalize the domestic fashion industry, and enhance the competitiveness of Seoul as a city through the upcoming 2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week.”


Images from the collection by BMUET(TE) from Seoul for the 2022 S/S London Fashion Week

Images from the collection by LIE from Seoul for the 2022 S/S London Fashion Week

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