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Latest iteration of Dell’s Concept Luna shows off incredible sustainable PC design with modular capabilities

Dell Technologies has continued show their latest iteration of Concept Luna, the company’s breakthrough sustainable PC design that is set to offer greener environment movement with recycle, reuse, and refurbish technology.

The latest Concept Luna can effectively reduce waste and emissions, reuse materials and ultimately innovate the next tech production. The refined modular design of Concept Luna eliminates the need for adhesives, cables and minimises the use of screws, that simplify and accelerate repair processes which leads to the ease of reusability.

Also, Dell has commissioned a micro-factory to guide their design team so that the device can be quickly disassembled by the robots. Combining with telemetry and robotic automation means that Concept Luna’s sustainable design has the potential to trigger a ground-breaking shift in the industry and implement a long-term sustainable cycle. This will help the impact on tech devices sold and optimising the materials in those devices for future reuse, refurbishment, and recycling.

The telemetry Dell added to Luna essentially helps assure nothing goes to waste. The use of technology among people is diverse, which indicates varying diagnosis of the component’s health accordingly. This provides optimised usage of the component life span.

At the moment, Concept Luna is still yet to be confirmed to sold to public. Stay tuned for more updates for Dell’s Concept Luna.

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