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Kyrie & Terra Teams Up With SHIN-A to Optimize Hybrid Mobile Games Development, Advance Its Presence in Gaming Markets in Southeast Asia

BANGKOK, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kyrie & Terra, a hybrid mobile game genre, which is the Japanese Role Playing Game (RPG), developed by Center To Seconds, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SHIN-A, leading gaming service provider in Thailand and Southeast Asia, to strengthen their presences and optimize business performances for exponential growth in the gaming market with an aim to develop and supply high-quality games to gaming markets in Southeast Asia.

Kyrie & Terra Teams Up With SHIN-A to Optimize Hybrid Mobile Games Development, Advance Its Presence in Gaming Markets in Southeast Asia

The landmark collaboration underscores the perfect synergy between the expertise in gaming development and long-standing experience of Center To Seconds game development team, which is behind the success of the famous “Kyrie & Terra” hybrid mobile game, and well-established expertise and experience of SHIN-A. The strategic partnership between the two players in the gaming industry will help level up the potential of the hybrid mobile game genre as well as providing opportunities for game developers to come up with hybrid mobile games that truly meet the diverse needs of gamers across segments. Both parties also aim to push the hybrid mobile game genre to become more widely known among gamers and gaming enthusiasts.

At present, the play-to-earn non-fungible token (NFT) games market is still in its infancy with a market worth just only US$4.6 billion, whereas the global gaming industry, including PC and mobile gaming segments, is worth as high as US$129.9 billion. It is obvious that the NFT games market still has room for growth and improvement and it is expected to continue growing (Source: Newzoo). 

The long-term collaboration between Kyrie & Terra hybrid mobile game and SHIN-A is a major step forward to help optimize the potential of the gaming industry as well as accelerating development of the gaming and blockchain industries that are defined as the new S-Curve industries so that both parties can grow with sustainability in light of the fully fledged digital era.

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