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KW coilover kit Variant 4 available for current BMW M3 and M4

KW automotive is collaborating closely with BMW on selected projects and special models. While the BMW M4 GT3 race car, which will be used in customer sports from 2022 on, successfully completed its tests with its 5-way adjustable KW racing suspension, the 3-way adjustable KW coilover Variant 4 is now available for the current BMW M3 (G80) and BMW M4 (G82) including technical parts certificate. The aftermarket suspension made of stainless steel dampens bumps harmoniously and comfortably with its further developed multi-valve technology.

The KW coilover Variant 4 enables a significantly sportier road holding and even at the limits of dynamic driving performance, it guarantees increased driving safety. The coilover adjustable in low-speed (13 clicks) and high-speed compression forces (14 clicks) as well as in low-speed rebound (16 clicks), does not dispose of a reservoir anymore due to its redesigned valve technology. The BMW M3 (G80) sedan and the BMW M4 (G82) coupé, which are already lowered from factory, can be further lowered up to 35 millimeters by installing the KW Variant 4. This corresponds approximately to a lowering of 60 millimeters on the BMW 3 Series (G20). More at www.kwsuspensions.net.

The KW Clubsport and the adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilover kit for the current generation of the BMW M3 (G80) sedan and the BMW M4 (G82) coupé are currently being developed, whereas the latest KW coilover kit Variant 4 is already available for the BMW M3 (G80) sedan and the BMW M4 (G82) coupé. If the recent BMW M3 or BMW M4 are driven mostly on public roads in everyday life, the KW V4 coilover kit is the perfect aftermarket suspension.

Photo credit to KW automotive and BMW

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