Koreans in Malaysia gets scammed to purchase discounted air tickets

Source: Screenshot from Korean News Channel JTBC

Scammers are on the rise and you need to stay vigilant when deals are too good to be true. In the latest headline in Korea, it was reported that many Koreans in Malaysia got scammed to purchase discounted air tickets during the pandemic period. How did this happened? Let’s uncover it at below and thanks to various sources.

Source: Screenshot from Korean online community ” My Malaysia”

According to sources, the scam started from a Korean online forum where they are offering discounted air tickets and sent fake booking documents while didn’t book tickets for the customers. The scammers also offered a cash rebate to customers who introduced this promotion and sold tickets to the others, hence, caused an alarming increase amount of scam. As of the time of writing, the scam is estimate valued about more than RM2 millions, according to victims.

Source: Screenshot from Korean victims chatting room

The scam was identified as a local travel agency located in Kota Kinabalu. According to the victims, the travel agency is run by Korean travel agent and married to a Malaysian man. At the moment, the victims has lodged police reports to the nearest authorities in Malaysia. The victims are hoping local authorities could help them solve the case as soon as possible.

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