Korean series Moving recorded as most viewed series finale ever on Disney+ (Hotstar) across APAC

It was recently announced that Korean series Moving has gained another record to become the most viewed series finale ever on Disney+ (Hotstar) across APAC including Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan*.

The series was first launched on 9 August 2023 where it became the most viewed Korean original series across Disney+ (Hotstar) and Hulu**. It was widely praised for breathing new life into the super powered genre, the epic twenty-episode series has also received critical acclaim for its daring narrative structure, dynamic action sequences and breathtaking storytelling.

Starring some of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry, including Ryu Seungryong, Han Hyojoo and Zo Insung in his long-awaited return to a drama series, Moving tells the story of a group of South Korean spies working to protect their super powered children from harm and exploitation at the hands of malicious government agencies. Initially recruited because of their extraordinary abilities, including flight, instant healing and enhanced senses, the spies disappeared without a trace after being tasked with carrying out increasingly dubious missions. Now with their children exhibiting similar abilities and a dangerous assassin rapidly picking off super-powered individuals, the parents must leave their peaceful lives behind to become the “monsters” they once were.  

Hailed as “proving the power of quality K-content” by KBS Media; dubbed “a soaring superhero saga” with “an epic finale that moves us to tears” by the South China Morning Post, and “a superhero story with an emotional core” by Forbes, the series has quickly become one of the most beloved shows on Disney+ (Hotstar). 

Fans of Moving and other unmissable Korean stories can now also enjoy the first three episodes of The Worst of Evil exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. Set in 1990s Gangnam, The Worst of Evil is a fast-paced crime thriller that sees volatile police officer Park Junmo infiltrate a dangerous new gang in an attempt to bring them down from the inside. Headed up by Jung Gicheul, a shrewd, charismatic leader, the gang has taken control of the city’s drug trade, flooding the streets with a new drug called “Gangnam Crystal”. With the gang’s grasp on Gangnam getting ever tighter, the lines between right and wrong will begin to blur, forcing Junmo to choose between his mission and his wife.

*Based on views in the first 5 days streaming on Disney+ (Hotstar). A view is defined as total stream time divided by runtime.

**Based on hours streamed in its first 7 days streaming on Disney+ (Hotstar) and Hulu.

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