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KiRiSaMe UNDERTAKER announced 2nd cover song for “FUTURE GPX CYBER FORMULA” theme song and live performance in Japan and around the world on 4th December

KiRiSaMe UNDERTAKER has revealed their upcoming second cover song for their project of covering the theme songs of SUNRISE’s anime works. The band will be covering ‘Winners’ which is the ending song of “FUTURE GPX CYBER FORMULA” and their music video also has been released today.

“FUTURE GPX CYBER FORMULA” is a TV anime series which is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. The event and exhibition have been happening and their cool anime merch has been produced for this special occasion. The story of the anime is about racing and it was the first theme that SUNRISE ever made.


The story revolves around Hayato Kazami’s growth as a racer along with his mechanic team and teamwork is an important element of the story.

After the broadcast of the TV series, they released the sequel as an OVA (original video animation, Japanese animated films and series made for release in home video formats).

The theme song ‘Winners’ has a very fast pace as the anime is about racing. The main vocalist,Yumi Kinoshita, has a strong and husky voice.
KiRiSaMe UNDERTAKER arranged it in their unique way whilst still having the greatest respect for the original one.

KiRiSaMe UNDERTAKER also announced that they will release their first hosted live show on the 4th of December (Sat) at the same time worldwide.

The band will perform their songs from “Double Decker! Doug &Kirill”, “SD GUNDAM World Sangoku Soketsuden” , “ZENONZARD THE ANIMATION” and “Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE”. And also they will perform the songs from their cover songs project. They have invited special guests including voice actors Satoshi Mikami and Nanase Matsuoka.

Tickets for watching the live performance will be sold on the 8th November (Mon) at 18:00 through FAVER.

Credited to SUNRISE Music Label

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