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Kat Roshan releases new single “One Day From Today”

Malaysian rising star Katrina Roshan or better known as Kat Roshan, has recently released a single called One Day From Today.

The track was originally released in Korean and written by Park Jeong Wook who also wrote and produced Kat Roshan’s last single Going Crazy Wild. The English version by Kat offers the form of a heartbreak ballad and sings about the process of trying to move on, even though it is difficult and painful.

According to Kat Roshan, she had to translate what was already sung in Korean into English. She also used her own experiences to deepen the meaning of the song. Kat Roshan had sent Mr Park her demo version of this song on piano and guitar as she felt that this type of arrangement would better suit the cover. Despite unsure of the ballad cover version, Mr Park has input his own ideas and attempted to reproduce what Kat had in mind.

The song was recorded in Korea, just like Kat’s previous single Going Crazy Wild. She added that the recording process was quite difficult as there were times when she struggled to really convey the meaning of the song and not add too many riffs at the end of the phrases. She had to dial back a lot of the complicated riffs as this was a simple but powerful song.

The recording also came with some challenges.

Kat Roshan explained that it was quite difficult to translate this song as it is a sad ballad. She needed to understand the full meaning and listen to the original singer’s emotions to convey the same heartbreak in the song.

What was translated using Google translate was not grammatically correct therefore she really had to make sure what she wrote, mirrored what the original Korean song meant.

Kat Roshan also commented that the song has grown on her as it has been about a year since the recording, and she can’t wait for it to be released.

She hopes that this song will be successful in its own style as a ballad and that the lyrics will resonate with listeners, giving them hope and mental strength that there will be a chance to move on from the challenges they face.

One Day From Today have been released on all digital platforms starting 20th October 2023.

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