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K-drama series Summer Strike featuring Kim Seol Hyun sets to premiere exclusively on ONE TV Asia from 22 Nov

Korean romance drama series, Summer Strike, starring award-winning Korean actress, Kim Seol Hyun will be exclusive premiering on ONE TV Asia, Astro Channel 393 from 22 November onwards. The 16-episode drama series is aired within 24-hours from South Korea as new episodes will air every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:45pm.

Kim Seol Hyun – who acted in popular drama series such as Awaken and My Country: The New Age – will be joined by singer and actor Im Si Wan, a member of the South Korean boyband ZE:A, who acted in recent thriller dramas, Tracer and Hell is Other People. Adapted from Joo Young-Hyun’s romance webtoon series, I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything, Summer Strike sees Kim Seol Hyun take on the role of protagonist Yeoreum, while Si-Wan plays her love-interest, Daebum. 

Summer Strike depicts the story of Yeoreum, who suffers from burnout from her work and a series of unfortunate circumstances in her relationships. Desiring to do nothing, she takes a strike against life and moves from the cityscapes of Seoul to a small beach village known as Angok. In Angok, she meets librarian Daebum, who suffered a similar life as Yeoreum, and they grow close through numerous incidents that bond them together. This pulls them closer, with Yeoreum finding her inner self through Daebum and heals her wounds of the past. However, not all is bright and well in Angok. Just when one thought it’s going to be a happy ending, the show climax hits with unexpected scenarios that will tear the couple apart. Yeoreum finds herself tangled in an unexpected murder case, and the pair must work together to chase down the killer. Each action-filled episode is bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as it follows the pair through the challenges they face in Angok. 

ONEderful Day with Kim Seoul Hyun Facebook Live Streaming Event on November 13

Apart from the series premiere, ONE is presenting “ONEderful Day with Kim Seol Hyun”, on November 13 at 3:45pm (MYT) exclusively on ONE TV Asia’s Facebook community page. The FB live streaming event will be opened to the public where fans can expect interactive games, including Q&A session with Kim Seol Hyun and more.

Win Special Passes to a Closed-Door Virtual Fan-Meeting Session with Kim Seol Hyun

Exclusively for Astro subscribers, 30 winners will be picked to win a special pass to meet Kim Seol Hyun up close and personal through an exclusive closed-door virtual fan-meeting session and stand a chance to win a special photo keepsake taken with Kim Seol Hyun and more. 

Embark on an Adventure to South Korea as ONE SuperFAN Travel Insider

In addition, one Astro subscriber will stand a chance to win a <four days, three nights trip for two to South Korea> as “ONE SuperFAN Travel Insider”. The winner and travel companion will enjoy an amazing opportunity to immerse into Korean culture and explore the picturesque city of Seoul where modernity meets a rich history and is matched by wonderful cuisine and more. In addition, the winner will also get privileged-access to experience the behind-the-scenes of “ONEderful Day with Kim Seol Hyun” Facebook Live Streaming event in Seoul on November 13. More details on My Astro Rewards App.

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