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Juwai.asia to help Asian buyers to buy Global Real Estate

Are you an avid real estate buyer and living in Asia? Juwai IQI has announced the launch of Juwai.asia, the first global portal for non-China Asian consumers who want to purchase real estate almost anywhere in the world. Juwai.com has been serving Chinese buyers since 2011 and has become the largest Chinese portal for international real estate. So with the two portals, the company markets some 6 million listings per year from 91 countries to more than 3.3 million monthly users.

A lucrative reason to target Asian buyers

After the Chinese, other Asians are the most active cross-border real estate buyers in the world. Cross-border buyers —mostly from Asia— purchased 500,000 homes in the G7 countries alone in 2019, worth an aggregate value of US$250 billion. While the largest number of cross-border property buyers do originate in mainland China, significant numbers also come from the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and from Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia.

Asia is the scene of wealth creation at a pace not seen anywhere else. Asia now has nearly the same number of ultra-high net worth individuals as Europe, but its population of the wealthy is growing at almost twice the rate as is Europe’s: 44% versus 23%, respectively. In a survey conducted before the pandemic, the top five countries where wealthy Asians intend to purchase residential property are the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, and Canada.

Non-China Asian buyers account for 20 per cent of the real estate buying enquiries that Juwai.com receives, compared to China’s 71 per cent, the Americas’ 4 per cent, Europe’s 3 per cent, and the Middle East and Africa’s approximately 1 per cent.

The new Juwai.asia portal was launched in English and simplified Chinese, with further languages to come.

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