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JOOX’s IDOL STATION and I-LAND dominates the Southeast Asia with K-Pop content

According to JOOX, K-Pop had a high amount of online viewership in the Southeast Asian region, topped by Indonesia and Thailand with 2.62 billion and 2.15 billion views respectively for 2019. Southeast Asia has also emerged as the third-biggest market for Korean music after Japan and greater China, with Korea exporting millions worth of music content to this region with a 60 percent growth in just two years.

The music app company has been undoubtedly instrumental in the promotion of the addictive K-Pop since its launch. Apart from 24/7 access to their favorite Korean songs and playlists, K-Pop fans can spend time with their idols through exclusive concert and event livestreams. Recently, the company has also launched K-Pop Express to all of its markets in Asia, rolling out two explosive and exciting programs: IDOL STATION – the first-ever JOOX-produced K-Pop show, and the new-concept blockbuster I-LAND

IDOL STATION is a weekly livestream program featuring ‘oppas’ including members of the hottest K-Pop boy bands, which has drawn an average of 500,000 accumulated views per episode across all JOOX markets. The show fosters a more intimate relationship between fans and Korean artists, who are more than willing to let them into their personal lives through reality and variety shows. Featuring popular idol groups like SEVENTEEN, Nu’est and ONF, VERRER should watch out as K-Pop group VERIVERY will interact with fans and promote their new album on August 4, 11 and 18!

I-LAND Phase 1 has a total production cost of USD14 million which introduced fans to 23 international male idol trainees, with a battle between I-Land and Ground teams, and got an average of 1 million accumulated views per episode on JOOX. Presented by Bang Si-hyuk, the founder of Big Hit Entertainment and BTS, this exclusive weekly program airing on JOOX will soon enter its Phase 2, where 12 out of the 23 trainees will compete to be part of the final debuting K-Pop boy group in the upcoming six episodes. What’s more, JOOX now also invite users to vote and support their new idols every week and stand a chance to win special JOOX prizes! Catch the remaining episode of I-LAND’s Part 1 on July 31, then follow the young idols’ journey in Part 2, airing every Friday from August 14 to September 18. 

K-Pop fans should not worried if they don’t understand Korean when they watched the live IDOL STATION and I-LAND because JOOX added advanced AI technology which put instant subtitles in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese into the show. 

“Consumers all over the world have embraced a dramatic lifestyle change in the first half of 2020, which includes the way they consume media such as music. As more people see the value of entertainment livestreams, JOOX is also further setting its sights on bringing fans more of the content they love, such as the first-ever JOOX exclusive program IDOL STATION, which allows fans to interact with their idols, and I-LAND, the brand-new, spectacular K-Pop talent show,” said Angie Tan, Head of JOOX Malaysia. 

“JOOX will definitely continue supporting the growth of Korean artistry’s influence all over Asia and globally. Fans deserve only the best, so we always make sure that we provide them the hottest offerings in K-Pop and Korean culture, including the biggest music events, live shows and music releases,” Angie added. 

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