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JOOX launches new Artist Room and Superstar Fans Pick features

JOOX has just made virtual hang-outs with music lovers more exciting and fun-filled than ever with the new Artist Room and Superstar Fans Pick feature. This two features will complement the ROOMS feature which was introduced earlier this year.

So how is the reception for the virtual hang-outs on JOOX ROOMS? According to the company, it was well-received as a fan-initiated JOOX ROOMS session gathered more than 2,000 participants and made Malaysian superstar Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza join in. Meanwhile at other parts of Asia, JOOX’s Influencer Talk 101 in Indonesia garnered more than 20,000 users in an hour, Yin War Rooms in Thailand reached almost 10,000 peak concurrent users, and more than 6,000 fans in Hong Kong entered ROOMS at the same time to show their love and support for two members of MIRROR.

So let go to the new features. The Artist Room features individual rooms for the top 200 artists in the region, where their fans can interact with their fellow music lovers while listening to each artist’s top 50 hits on loop. The company also teased that fans’ favourite idols may drop by the room and host a special party with them.  

For the Superstar Fans Pick feature, it allows fans to cheer for their idols with ROOMs – fans can vote for their favourite artists not only by listening to their songs, sending gifts, or casting a simple vote, but also by joining their Artist Rooms. Daily and weekly top artists will be given a prominent splash ad display on JOOX, while top fans will be rewarded with honor badges and vice-captain badges so they can show off their loyalty to their idols too.

JOOX also added new updates for ROOMS with new management functions. The hosts now can invite other users to co-host and speak to the entire room while fans are also now given the power and opportunity to request for their favourite songs. Other optimization features as well like private chat and quick chat functions are also available now.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of JOOX, said, “JOOX remains true to its mission of being Asia’s most dedicated music and entertainment streaming platform, and that is why we always go the extra mile in bringing music fans more of what they truly love. With the new Artist Room and Superstar Fans Pick features, their social interaction and online hangout parties will be made even better by creating more memories with music from their idols, with a chance to spend some time with the artists themselves. And as if that’s not enough for them to maximize their enjoyment, JOOX ROOMS has also rolled out enhanced hosting and management functions for a boost in overall fan experience.”  

You can also use ROOMS for other things than music too as Indonesian fans are having a blast talking about ghost stories, while a group of monks in Thailand are gathering to share their life stories. Join in today with JOOX by download on mobile or desktop app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website now. 

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