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Join the #MeetTheKpopArtist Challenge on Twitter now

Twitter is the best place for Kpop fans to see what’s happening and participate in trending conversations. Apart from getting the latest news about their favourite idols and learning more about them, Twitter is also the place where fans can introduce themselves to others in the fandom who best relate to their love for idols!

Twitter’s been the starting point for one of the newest popular Kpop fan challenges, the #MeetTheKpopArtist challenge. 

Kpop fan artists of groups such as BTS (@BTS_twt#MeetTheBTSFanArtist), DAY6 (@day6official,  #MeetDay6FanArtist), SEVENTEEN (@pledis_17#MeetTheSVTArtist) and Stray Kids (@Stray_Kids#MeetTheSTAYtist), are drawing themselves in relation to the group they stan, sharing some background within the artwork and using this opportunity to connect with others within the fandom.

Artist: BTS

Fandom: ARMY

Hashtag: #MeetTheBTSFanArtist

Tweets from @tatashv (MY), @ydothat3 (TH), @qarameiio (SG) and @skyblue_kooks (PH)

Artist: Day 6

Fandom: MY DAY

Hashtag: #MeetDay6FanArtist

@reisix0510 (SG) below, and Tweets from @Sharmander6 (ID),  @170Pas (TH) and @parkbr6s (PH)

Artist: Seventeen

Fandom: CARAT

Hashtag: #MeetTheSVTArtist

@munchr00m (PH) below, and Tweets from @wafflehas (ID),  @KaLuaRz (TH), @hannie_milk (SG) and @NeddTar (MY)

Artist: Stray Kids

Fandom: STAY

Hashtag: #MeetTheSTAYtist

@instaynity (MY) below, and Tweets from @xuekaa (ID),  @abowlofberry (SG) and @WOOLIXIR (PH)

So what is your favourite Kpop group? Perhaps you can start your creativity and join the #MeetTheKpopArtist Challenge on Twitter.

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