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I’ve tried Baan Phadthai’s first restaurant in Malaysia at Pavilion KL and pretty impressed with the menu

The exterior of the Baan Phadthai at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Baan Phadthai has officially opened their first restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. For those local who aren’t aware, the restaurant is specialise for Thai noodle dish called “phadthai”. The first branch of Baan Phadthai in Kuala Lumpur is pork free and located at Connection Precinct, Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

The name Baan Phadtai translates as House of Phadthai. Its interior is painted in a bright blue colour decorated with Thai vintage paintings and photos and wood-shuttered windows giving it an authentic Thai street-food ambience. Hailing from Bangkok, Baan Phadthai Bangkok was awarded the coveted Bib Gourmand in the inaugural MICHELIN Guide Bangkok in 2018, right after our opening. It has since received the reward 5 years in a row up to 2022 rewarding the restaurant dedication and consistency in serving the very best phadthai.

So, the restaurant had invited the media to test out their menu and I’ve definitely had to praised their dedication to prepare for us to test it out. The first dish we tried is the Yum Kai Yang which is a grilled marinated chicken spicy salad. I found that the Yum Kai Yang is really good and surprising one of my favourite despite tasting it for the first time. Next was the Nuea Ping, grilled beef skewers, which is really tasty when served with it’s sauce.

Following that was the restaurant’s signature dish, Miang Khana, a DIY wrap with young kale leaves with mixed chicken crackling, served with salty-sweet shrimp paste sauce. The taste was good for this wrap but my only problem was the young kale leaves are too small to wrap the condiments. After that, we were served Kai Tawt, deep-fried chicken wings served with homemade nam jim kai, and fried meatballs. Both are really nice as you can taste both dish are marinated well.

For the first phadthai, we are served with Phadtai Kai Yang, which is padthai with grilled chicken. The Phadtai Kai Yang was fantastic and definitely the best choice for chicken meat lover. After that we were served with Tao Hoo Tawt, deep-fried tofu with taro, chestnut and peanut, which has also it’s own dipping sauce. The Tao Hoo Tawt is fried well as you don’t notice any oil and the tofu has a solid yet soft texture to bite.

Subsequently, we are served with other phadthai such as Phadthai Kung Mae Nam Yang (grilled blue river prawn), Phadthai Jumbo Goong Mae Nam (jumbo blue river prawn), Padthai Jumbo Mud Crab and Phadthai Nuew Yang (grilled beef). Overall, I would have to say the Phadthai taste amazing but there were some was served with spicier taste and crab juice, which I also quite love it. The seafood and meat served on the padthai is really fresh and cooked very well. The way how the restaurant marinates the meat was

We were also served with desserts too. The Tub Tim Krob (signature dish), ruby water chestnut served with smoked coconut syrup and coconut juice granita, was an eye-opener as it delivers an intense smoky flavour to your throat and nose. Not a fan of it but if you can withstand the smoked coconut syrup, it does worth the try. Next, we tried Bua Loy Puek, which is Taro Bua Loy and young coconut floated in butterfly pea coconut milk syrup. The taste for Bua Loy Puek is pretty good thanks to the soft taro and sweet butterfly pea coconut milk syrup and I definitely recommend you to try it. Last but not least for desserts is Khao Niaw Mamuang, ripe mango with sweet coconut sticky rice and topped with salted coconut sauce, is pretty good too. The mango was sweet and the sticky rice with the sauce was just the prefect combination.

For the drinks, I’ve tried the Thai Lime Soda (one of their signature drink) and Thai Milk Tea (Cold), where I have to say both are fabulous especially the hot weather in KL. Overall, the experience of the Baan Phadthai’s first restaurant Malaysia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic and impressive. I would definitely recommend it for those who need a casual hangout or just feeling to have an unforgettable Thai meal. Head over to Baan Phadthai at Pavilion KL today!

Below are quotes from Frederic Meyer and Sasithari Meyer, founders of Baan Phadthai and Dato’ Joyce Yap, Chief Executive Officer of Retail, Pavilion KL on the opening of the Baan Phadthai at Pavilion KL:

Chandler Schultz, Group Executive Chef, greeting the media

“After Taiwan and Hong Kong, we are very happy to bring Baan Phadthai to Malaysia in the most vibrant location of KL, at Connection precinct in Pavilion KL. Baan Phadthai is a Michelin awarded restaurant based on authenticity, homemade sauces and the highest quality ingredients. Sawadee Krap!”, said Frederic Meyer and Sasithari Meyer, founders of Baan Phadthai.

“Pavilion KL strives to continuously meet shopper demands and evolve to deliver the right combination of retailers to keep shoppers engaged and back for more. This time, we are very excited to present diners with a fresh new concept. Baan Phadthai is a multiple award-winning MICHELIN Bib Gourmand restaurant, and the first-in-Malaysia at Pavilion KL, reinforcing our commitment to providing diners with a truly international, authentic and enjoyable dining experience,” said Dato’ Joyce Yap, Chief Executive Officer of Retail, Pavilion KL.

Photos are shot with the Samsung Galaxy A53

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