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iQIYI teams up with Grab Malaysia for Local Original ‘Rampas Cintaku’ launch; streaming on 23 Sept 2022 onwards

 iQIYI has partnered with Grab Malaysia for the launch of local original production Rampas Cintaku. This romance melodrama also marks the debut of iQIYI’s slate of local originals in Malaysia and is inline with iQIYI’s commitment to contribute towards investing in the local entertainment market  in the country. 

Rampas Cintaku is set to premier in Malaysia and 191 countries and territories on 23 September onwards exclusively on iQIYI. 

Rampas Cintaku tells the story of Rizal, a young man who is desperate to get out of the burden of debt, poverty and harassment from loan sharks. He risks it all and moves to Kuala Lumpur to work in a nightclub for better wages. He meets the seductive and wealthy businesswoman Datin Safieya who promises him a life of luxury should he agree to be her sweetheart, despite being married to Dato Jefri. Desperate to clear off his family debt, he accepts her offer but eventually falls for her against his better judgement. 

Fasha Sandha is the centre of Rampas Cintaku as she plays Datin Safieya, the wealthy businesswoman who battles between her own desires and family values. This is a new challenge for the actress as she portrays such a controversial character, a contrast to the other roles she has acted thus far. Starring alongside Fasha Sandha is rising star Afieq Shazwan known for his cute boyish looks and hot body. He plays Rizal, who meets Datin Safieya in several fateful encounters before establishing their mutually beneficial but dangerous relationship. 

Among Datin Safieya’s circle of men also include Dato Jefri, played by Zarul Husin, her inferior husband who is cheating on her. Discovering his infidelity, Datin Safieya seeks revenge by indulging in her own extramarital relationships. While Aidil Aziz is Fasha Sandha’s husband in-real-life, he plays her toxic ex-boyfriend, Syahrul, in Rampas Cintaku. He is a womaniser who is always surrounded by wealthy women. Lastly, Ashraf is added to the line-up. Portrayed by Ady Mohammad, Ashraf is Rizal’s best friend who takes him to Kuala Lumpur for a better life. Driven by greed and ambition for luxury, he is also tempted by the sugarbaby lifestyle.  

Fueled by revenge and unpredictable plot twists, Rampas Cintaku has a dramatic and intriguing storyline which transcends the realities of imperfect lives. The bold move by the international streamer, touches on taboo topics that not many dare to venture into. Topics such as the complicated nature of love and relationships, infidelity, the burning passion of independent women and the disadvantaged young generations. 

On top of Fasha Sandha and Afieq Shazwan, the romance melodrama full of plot twists also features Zarul Husin, Aidil Aziz, Erynn Abdullah, Ady Mohammad, Zarynn Min, Puteri Balqis and more.

Produced in collaboration with well-known local production house MIG Production, supported by Motion Content Group a global content investment and rights management company, the one-of-a-kind mature romance melodrama pushes the boundaries on story-telling that spotlights the less spoken realities of love, marriage and revenge.

Apart from providing an instrumental platform in enabling Malaysian filmmakers to express their creativity through high quality production and compelling storylines, iQIYI is also looking to their originals to be an innovative avenue to carve a niche space in the new age of advertising, known as advertainment, for brands to build their awareness. 

For Grab Malaysia, in addition to strengthening its brand visibility and awareness beyond traditional mass media, the partnership will also include exclusive marketing initiatives moving forward. These will be utilised specifically to diversify the offerings and benefits made available to users via GrabUnlimited, the brands membership programme enabling users to unlock greater deals and additional benefits. One such example of this is offering members exclusive meet-and-greet passes to the premiere screening of ‘Rampas Cintaku’. Helping to further enhance the overall Grab experience for users, this also represents GrabUnlimited’s first foray in enhancing users’ experience with benefits beyond those that are anchored on the Grab app. 

Rampas Cintaku will premiere from September 23 exclusively on iQIYI app and iQIYI International (www.iq.com)

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