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iQIYI launches new variety series called ‘5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood’

iQIYI is partnering with GrabFood Malaysia to launch a new variety show, 5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood. This variety show also marks the debut of iQIYI’s first branded variety show, in-line with their efforts to establish a distinctive presence in the contemporary advertising landscape, known as advertainment, pioneering a domain that remains largely unexplored by many for brands to build their awareness.

5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood is set to premier on Malaysian screens today, 2 June 2023 onwards exclusively on iQIYI. 

Presented in the format of a food review and cooking show all in one, the show features Malaysian celebrity chef, Chef Fikree, joined by several local food bloggers and celebrities as they traverse across cities in Malaysia to try out their authentic dishes from GrabFood’s 5-Star restaurants. 

Dinesh Ratnam, Country Manager of iQIYI Malaysia and Senior Director of the International Business Department said, We are thrilled to collaborate once again with GrabFood Malaysia as our esteemed partners for the production of our first ever local branded variety show. In the realm of entertainment, over-the-top (OTT) platforms like iQIYI have emerged as pivotal catalysts propelling the growth of the local entertainment industry while offering brands a fresh avenue to establish a relatable connection with their audience. This innovative approach allows brands to transcend traditional advertising and instead present their offerings in a captivating and profoundly influential manner that resonates more effectively with the audience.”

The show brings a unique spin to the variety show category as it takes you behind the scenes of what goes into creating these well-loved meals and the story about the store owner. Meanwhile, the format of the show offers viewers a captivating educational experience, immersing them in a comprehensive understanding of the services offered by GrabFood. This goes beyond conventional advertising methods, as GrabFood seamlessly integrates their services into the fabric of the show’s content, delivering a truly unique and immersive brand experience.

5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood features six 15-minute episode series that will see Chef Fikree and his special celebrity guests travelling to various states across Malaysia to visit 5-Star GrabFood restaurants, meeting with the people behind the scenes to discover the history of the place and the meals that made them famous in the first place. The famous dish is then brought out for a quick taste test and review. The twist? Chef Fikree then throws down the gauntlet to his celebrity guest for a challenge to replicate the dish as best possible, and their recreations will then be served to 2 random guests at the restaurant to be judged! Will our celebrity chef come out on top?

Catch 5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood on iQIYI and stand a chance to win GrabFood vouchers. From 3 to 18 June 2023, iQIYI will be giving away GrabFood vouchers worth RM50 to all their viewers to enjoy. Simply follow iQIYI on all their social media pages and look out for the giveaway posts, answer a few trivia questions based on 5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood, and that’s it! So, mark your calendars for this delectable new series.

5-Star Hunter Bersama GrabFood premieres from 2 June exclusively on iQIYI app and iQIYI International (www.iq.com)

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