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In Colonial at Intermark Mall serves authentic Halal Malaysian Chinese Cuisine and it’s really good and delicious

Now, I was recently invited to check out In Colonial at Intermark Mall, a restaurant that serves 100% Halal ingredients for Malaysian Chinese Cuisine.

A little bit of history here, In Colonial started operating in 2014, with a colonial-themed ambiance, and a team of experienced Chef who combined both the West and East in the Malaysian Chinese Culinary journey.

This year on June, the restaurant is introducing the Dim Sum selection Menu on top of the full selections of the ala carte menus. Served daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm, the Dim Sum menu has received an exciting and welcoming response from our regulars and new guest alike.

That said, the media was invited for a food tasting session and it was a great experience. Starting with the Dim Sum, In Colonial served them in two variants: Steamed and Fried. The classic Prawn Siu Mai is definitely an excellent way to start your Dim Sum indulgence as it has fish roe and spring onion finishing on top. The Steamed Chicken Wing, BBQ Chicken Bao, Prawn Rolled in Bean with Curd Skin, Fried Prawn Dumplings, Cheezy Spring Roll and BBQ Chicken Pastry that’s served along is pretty tasty as well and best served with the sauces.

Moving on next is the Crispy Duck with Pancake, which needs you to DIY to enjoy the flavourful of the sauce and duck. We were also served with the Signature Fish Fillet Pot which really blow my mind with the awesome soup and soft fish fillet texture. My only minor gripe would definitely a little bit too much of fried shallots on the Signature Fish Fillet Pot.

The Prawn in Buttermilk Sauce also taste nice as the prawns were large and the prawn meat were cooked well with good texture. As for the Steamed Scallops, my god, they are excellent because of the freshness and the sauce. But, the Steamed Scallops has a little bit too much of fried shallots, but if you’re good with shallots, then you will want to even order more!

The mains were continue to serve to us with the Hong Kong Beef Noodle, Cantonese Yee Mee Seafood and Kam Heong Fried Rice. The Hong Kong Beef Noodle has enough of the “Wok Hei” and the beef is tasty with soft texture. The Cantonese Yee Mee Seafood is certainly an eye opener with the large prawns served along. The sauce on the Cantonese Yee Mee Seafood is really nice and the seafood cooked well with soft texture. The Kam Heong Fried Rice definitely a must if you’re a fried rice lover as it is really delicious.

We were finished off with desserts served, which is the Lotus Pancake and Mango with Cincau (since it was not stated in the menu, I just assume the name for now). The Lotus Pancake is crispy and the lotus paste is not too sweet which is good for those who wants to cut down on the sweet stuff. The Mango with Cincau was surprisingly good as well.

Throughout the food tasting session, we were serve with 1000 Punch Mocktail, which has blended orange, watermelon, pineapple, laced with passion fruit syrup topped with Sprite and a zest of lemon in crushed ice. The Mocktail has a fruitful taste and quite sweet.

Overall, the food tasting session is splendid and I would give a solid 4 out 5 ratings. In Colonial operates daily from 10:00 am to 10:00pm, and starting September, they are introducing a few new exciting additional attractions as per below:

RM 59.90/2 PAX with a selection of the finest Dim Sum, and a choice of coffee or tea

Every Friday from 6:00pm onwards

Beat the jam on Fridays by enjoy some coffee, snacks or In Colonial’s 100% Halal Non Alcoholic Wines of Mocktail as diners enjoy the EZ Band music.

Now, if you’re convinced with my experience of the food tasting at In Colonial, then start planning your schedule to visit the restaurant with your family or friends.


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