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Imperfect Victim premiering on iQIYI from 17 July with Zhou Xun and Liu Yijun spearheading the drama

Imperfect Victim has finally premiered in Malaysia on iQIYI on 17 July which saw Zhou Xun (周迅) and Liu Yijun (刘奕君) spearheading in this drama, set in a modern-day workplace. Zhou Xun, who is well-known for her angelic image, won the title of ‘The First Queen of Three Gold’ for her famous works The Equation of Love And Death (李米的猜想) and Perhaps Love (如果.爱). In her thirty years of experience as an actress, she has played many memorable characters which were well-liked by the audiences. Meanwhile, Liu Yijun, who is also a skilled actor, has made appearances in countless dramas such as Reset (开端), The Disguiser (伪装者), Last One Standing (无主之城), and many more. No matter which role he plays, he showcases a great deal of dedication and passion alongside his solid acting skills to best interpret his character in the various dramas. 

Imperfect Victim is directed by Yang Yang (杨阳), with the help of screenwriters Gao Xuan (高璇) and Ren Baoru (任宝茹). The pair have co-written dramas with powerful storylines, including My Youthfulness (我的青春谁做主) and Farewell to Vancouver (别了温哥华). 

The drama is about a workplace sexual assault case that leads to a rape case, involving Zhao Xun (played by Jelly Lin), the victim of an anonymously reported sexual assault case and defense attorney Lin Que (played by Zhou Xun). With Lawyer Lin Que’s expertise, she managed to overturn the criminal charges of the victim Zhao Xun. However, the conflict between legal facts and personal emotions made Lin Que face many unprecedented professional ethics challenges. There are many plot twists and challenges in the drama, making the drama a really exciting one. Imperfect Victim will include special appearances by Elaine Zhong (钟楚曦), Chen Shu (陈数)Angel Dong (董洁) and Ying Er (颖儿).  

About《Imperfect Victim

  • Premiere date:17 July 2023
  • Duration:42 minutes * 29 episodes
  • Director:Yang Yang
  • Starring:Zhou Xun, Liu Yijun, Jelly Lin 
  • Special appearances by: Chen Shu,  Elaine Zhong and Angel Dong

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