IKEA Damansara was spotted with a giant chair and here’s why

If you have happened to passby IKEA Damansara, then you might have noticed the a pink giant chair were being displayed. Well, nothing to worried as the pink, 5-metre-tall structure sets the stage for IKEA Damansara’s upcoming 20th anniversary celebration happening in the month of July and August. 

Firstly, the chair that’s being display is actually called IKEA MAMMUT, a children chair which was first introduced in 1993, as part of the IKEA children’s range. MAMMUT’s design was inspired by the world of comic strips, and by the designers’ own children and the way they played. Lightweight and durable, the chair is suited for both indoor and outdoor use and undergoes meticulous safety tests every year. Today, it is one of the best-selling IKEA products in Malaysia under the children’s category.

Charles S Nair, Store Manager at IKEA Damansara

“We are thrilled to finally unveil the large-scale installation here at IKEA Damansara. The MAMMUT chair is part of a classic IKEA range that resonates with many Malaysian families. It has brought a lot of joy to our customers over the years, and we really want to celebrate that – in a big way! We hope that this new structure will grow to become a landmark in the area, just like when IKEA Damansara first opened its doors in 2003,” Charles S Nair, Store Manager at IKEA Damansara shared. 

IKEA Malaysia will be sharing more details about IKEA Damansara’s 20th anniversary soon, alongside a plethora of exciting activities and offers as part of the month-long celebration. For updates, visit IKEA Malaysia official Facebook page HERE

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