HUAWEI P60 Pro brings a new standard for flagship photography smartphone

With the recent launched of the latest HUAWEI P60 Pro, HUAWEI is set to deliver a new standard for flagship photography smartphone for any user.

The HUAWEI P60 Pro is equipped with the World’s first multiple-lens-group for the ultimate low light telephoto camera. With an overall redesign of the optical system, the camera setup allows the device to provide the best light-intake that results in more detailed, clearer and stable anti-shake pictures. 

The phone features Ultra-Lighting Main Camera with adjustable aperture where its unique RYYB colour array can also achieve a substantial increase in the amount of light entering the entire optical system, while maintaining the slim design of the phone. The super large adjustable aperture combined with XD Fusion Pro can also bring super high dynamic range in scenes with high light ratio such as sunrise and sunset.

In terms of the phone design, the HUAWEI P60 Pro offers a new interpretation of modern aesthetics while continuing the spiritual humility of nature. Inspired by Rococo design, P60 Pro introduces the industry’s first Mother-of-pearl design, incorporating natural mineral bead powder into the phone to achieve a lustre yet unique natural texture finishing. Furthermore, the all new XMAGE UX features several new user-friendly layouts that makes it more convenient for the users but does not compromise on a superior experience. The new camera functions include a Quick Menu, Zoom Ring and a One-Handed Shooting option that are able to produce a perfect picture and video quality. 

This flagship HUAWEI P60 Pro is also packed with a 4815mAh silicon-carbon negative electrode battery equipped with 88W wired Super-Fast Charge Turbo that will strike an optimal balance between battery life, fast charging and portability. It is especially impressive when the Turbo mode is on, the phone will be charged to half level in just 10 minutes.

For those who can’t wait to have a hands-on experience of the device, you are invited to the exclusive preview on the HUAWEI P60 Pro and Mate X3 simply by registering your interest through the link here. Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the drop date! Stay tuned to HUAWEI Official Website, HUAWEI Official Facebook page or Instagram for the latest updates on HUAWEI P60 Pro and HUAWEI Mate X3. 

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