HUAWEI officially launches the new P60 Series in China

HUAWEI has recently launched their latest flagship series, HUAWEI P60 in China, aimed at redefining a new level of mobile photography, aesthetic design and all-rounded user experiences. 

The HUAWEI P60 series inherits the DNA of excellence, breaking new ground in optical systems and aesthetic design. The HUAWEI P60 series is embedded with an upgraded optical system which creates the first ultra-concentrated night vision telephoto lens group – bringing a large amount of light that will capture a better picture in low-light situations while maintaining the light-weightedness of the phone. In terms of body design, the HUAWEI P60 series continues the classic layout of the family-style camera which expresses the semantics of photography – inheriting the P-series design language that perfectly integrates the ability of the lens to concentrate light with the design of the “Aurora Eye” that reinterprets the art of photography. Simultaneously, the phone condenses natural inspiration, and the natural mother-of-pearl colour texture is perfectly reproduced at the back of the phone, providing a groundbreaking aesthetic experience.

Ultra-lighting Main Camera, Aesthetic Guidance

Inspired by classic camera elements to create an iconic design, HUAWEI P60 series’ main camera is prominently poised in the centre of the lens module. The phone is equipped with a powerful main camera, ultra-telephoto and dual ultra-wide-angle lenses which are distributed on the upper and lower sides of the main camera; with transparent multi-floating sensor layered design, it provides better light intake and more focus – presenting a more eye-catching and clearer image of the iconic “Aurora eye”.  

The HUAWEI P60 series features a quad-curved screen design, making the corners of the screen more rounded with the four elongated sides slightly curved – realising a narrower and equilateral effect of the screen with black edges which is believed to help achieve a more immersive display experience. The phone display features 1-120Hz automatic response dynamic refresh rate that will strike a balance between smooth visuals and power consumption. Acclaimed as the world’s first smartphone which obtained TÜV Rheinland Colour Accuracy Certification, it utilises P3 accurate colour projection to ensure that the screen is efficient and consistent with the phone display.

HUAWEI P60 offers a new interpretation of modern aesthetics while continuing the spiritual humility of nature. Inspired by Rococo design, P60 introduces the industry’s first ” Mother-of-pearl design”, which incorporates natural mineral bead powder into the phone to achieve a lustre yet unique natural texture of mother-of-pearl design. 

Ultra Lighting XMAGE Imaging Style: Reconstructing the Optical Path that Breaks Through Imagination

HUAWEI P series is accompanied by innovation in imaging technology. Every change comes from the upgraded and reconstruction of the optical system, the HUAWEI P60 series has redesigned the optical system equipped with 50 MP of ultra-bright main camera, a large aperture and high transmittance OIS anti-shake system. Huawei’s unique RYYB colour array can also achieve a substantial increase in the amount of light entering the entire link of the optical system while maintaining the thin design of the phone. The super large light input combined with XD Fusion Pro can also bring super high dynamic range in scenes with high light ratio such as sunrise and sunset.

The lens group, which concentrates more light combined with the RYYB sensor and the large aperture of F2.1, are able to achieve a significant increase in the amount of light entering the telephoto camera. Even if the user is walking in the city at night, the lighting details of the distant object can still be shot with clarity – allowing users to easily record every moment of beauty that caught their eyes even at night. 

Huawei‘s “Supermoon” continues to lead the mobile photography industry, and now thanks to the telephoto module’s super sensitivity and focus capabilities, HUAWEI P60 Pro can perfectly render the moonlight in the distance, while retaining the detail of the objects surrounding it – allowing users to easily create themes of the moon, such as the moon among the trees and the moon peeking out from the clouds. 

Additionally, the HUAWEI P60 series introduced a long-travel sliding axis zoom lens group which can flexibly control the focusing distance and capture clear imaging from long range to macro. It can capture clear scenes of the moon hidden among the willows, the bright moon by the window from afar, close-up shots of the pets or oil painting details as well as complete macro photography without obstructing the subject’s image. 

Powerful communication technology, smooth users’ experience

The HUAWEI P60 series brings together innovative technology for an elevated experience. It supports the BeiDou satellite navigation system that allows users to send messages and location information even when they are in an environment without network signal coverage. In addition to this, they have also launched a new feature, “Quick Help” on P60 series which will make rescue operations more targeted. 

HUAWEI P60 and HUAWEI P60 Pro support 50W wireless Super-Fast Charge and 88W wired Super-Fast Charge Turbo respectively; of which HUAWEI P60 Pro can be charged to half level in just 10 minutes when its Turbo mode is on – achieving a perfect balance of standby battery life, fast charging speed and overall phone thickness.

HarmonyOS 3.1 Smart Life: More Refined, More Convenient and Safer

Huawei combined the product DNA imaging and aesthetics of the P series with a simple, user-friendly, smooth, and secure nature of HarmonyOS to bring a more refined and secure system experience. The all new XMAGE UX features a new zoom ring that can create an efficient zooming experience. The camera “Treasure Box” stores the function icons in a unified way, making it more convenient for one-handed shooting experience. 

HarmonyOS 3.1 also further improves the purity of the system that enhances users with security control from application installation to operation. During the application installation stage, clean mode is enabled by default to block malicious hidden applications. Malicious hidden applications will be automatically scanned while users will be reminded to uninstall them throughout the running stage of the phone. As pop-ups can disrupt user experience, the system provides a simple function of closing background pop-ups with only just one click. 

Breaking through the boundaries of design, the pioneer of artistic aesthetics

HUAWEI P60 Art artistic design not only meets users’ creative needs for recording beautiful moments, but also brings more creative art inspiration in design aesthetics.

The HUAWEI P60 Art design uses artist interpretation of free lines and curved surfaces to interpret inspirational imagery, creating an organic lens design through the combination of island camera shape and the ripple texture of light and shadow at the back of the phone – emulating waves skimming over blue islands and beaches which reflects the changing beauty of colour and light frozen in the palm of your hand. This interpretation portrays the spiritual pursuit of each individual who is unique, free, and full of infinite possibilities. 

Moreover, HUAWEI P60 Art has further enhanced the battery life experience that is equipped with latest 4815mAh silicon-carbon negative electrode battery, which has a higher energy density under the same volume, and exclusively supports 88W wired super-fast charging Turbo in mobile phones using silicon-carbon anode material batteries.  

Following the successful launch of the HUAWEI P60 series in China, it has been revealed that Huawei may be launching the highly anticipated phone in Malaysia soon, where Malaysians can look forward to the official announcement through Huawei Official Website, Huawei Official Facebook Page or Huawei Official Instagram Page.

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