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HTPE invests in SJSemi’s Series C Funding

JIANGYIN, China, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Huatai International Private Equity Fund (“HTPE”) is pleased to announce its investment in a $300M Series C financing of SJ Semiconductor Co. (“SJSemi” or the “Company”), a leading MEOL (Middle-End-Of-Line) foundry in China, to power its growth plan for capacity expansion and R&D investments. Huatai International Private Equity Fund focuses on the investment opportunities of import  substitution and technology upgrade in China. The deal is a firm step taken by HTPE in the semiconductor field. It reflects the fund’s high recognition of SJSemi, and is also in line with the fund’s investment philosophy, pave the way for the growth of leading companies and assist the development within the industry.

SJSemi is specialized in advanced bumping and water level packaging (WLP) for semiconductor industry, and is the first one to provide bumping for advanced DRAM and 12″ power management chips in Mainland China. The newest funding brings the Company’s total amount raised to $630 million and the valuation will be above $1B. With this financing, the Company is well-capitalized to roll out more investments in R&D to expedite its patented SmartPoserTM, a multi-die 3D integration platform, for manufacturability, to serve multi-die integration needs from emerging markets such as HPC and high-end consumer electronics.

“We are excited to partner with SJSemi to help them achieve their vision in this rapidly growing market within semiconductor industry chain,” said Mr. Yang Lei, Managing Partner of HTPE, “This investment is a model case to demonstrate HTPE’s investment philosophy and deep understanding in the technology industry, as technology upgrades and import substitution have become the key drivers of future development in the sector. We are committed to identify and work alongside top-notch domestic semiconductor companies, empowering their long-term sustainable growth into blue-chip market leaders. Beyond its good reputation among leading semiconductor companies around the globe, we see the value of SJSemi as the leader of bumping process providers in mainland China with advanced technology, stable delivery, excellent quality control, and dedicated after-sales services. We believe that led by its founding team comprised of industry veterans with impressive track records in this field, SJSemi will benefit from fast-mover advantage and maintain rapid and steady growth to evolve into a cornerstone that connects the front- and back-end parts of the semiconductors industrial chain.”

About SJSemi

Located in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province, SJSemi is China’s first 300mm MEOL (Middle-End-Of-Line) foundry specializing in advanced Bumping and wafer-level packaging (WLP). The Company was founded in August 2014, started 28/14nm bumping for Smartphone AP chips in 2016, and is the first one to provide bumping for advanced DRAM and 12″ power management chips in the Mainland of China.

About HTPE

Huatai International Private Equity Fund (“HTPE”) is a USD private equity fund under Huatai Securities, one of China’s largest financial conglomerates. HTPE is focused on mid-to late-stage significant minority growth equity and mid-market buyout investment opportunities in China and beyond, covering healthcare, semiconductor, hard tech, TMT, and consumer sector. The core investment team is comprised of investment veterans with more than ten years of experience in private equity and capital markets. Leveraging on Huatai’s solid platforms and networks in China and worldwide, HTPE utilizes a unique multi-pronged strategy and integrates its broad know-how, deep industry understanding, and comprehensive expertise to capture high growth potential across a variety of sectors, to identify and work with top-notch companies with promising capabilities at different stages.

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