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Hoor Mahaveera, the Pakistan social media star says hi on SnackVideo

ISLAMABAD, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Speaking of Pakistani influencers, there is one figure that almost every net surfer in Pakistan will naturally think of: Hoor Mahaveera. Known for her exquisite and elegant style, the princess of Pakistan social media has gained nearly one million followers across various platforms, and her fine videos on SnackVideo continue to light up the days of her fans.

Hoor Mahaveera - the Pakistan social media star

Hoor Mahaveera – the Pakistan social media star

Since the very first time she stumbled upon social media, Hoor realized that her presence had promised her the voice to speak. Before posting her pictures and videos on social media platforms, Hoor made an effort to accept herself and know herself better. By investing in the beauty content, Hoor enjoyed the chance to showcase her taste of fashion and, at the same time, take the responsibility to impact and lead the youth.

One of Hoor’s lip-syncing videos got her famous overnight. Though not many changes happened in her daily routine, Hoor started to find herself being recognized by people in the public.

When I am on the street or in a mall, people do recognize me as a famous social media star, and they always be like: ‘Hey, Hoor Mahaveera, I am your fan!’ It’s actually a really good feeling that people get to recognize you for what you do and your work.”

Hoor’s life as a front-running influencer in return enables her to practice her strong commitment to this dear motherland. Besides from being an inspiration for famous brands, she is also devoted to her Pakistan nationality as her home sweet home.

As the holy month of Ramadan 2021 began last week, Hoor is also adjusting her lifestyle to observe the fast. In order to stay energetic and highly focused throughout the day, Hoor will choose to have milk and arrange more dates during sehri to retain her vitality physically and mentally. Specifically, there has been one Ramadan when Hoor started to learn how time goes by and that life always keeps teaching lessons.

This year, SnackVideo has partnered with the renowned NGO Edhi Foundation to raise online donations during the Ramadan, and this has provided a chance for video content creators like Hoor to share their blessings in the post-pandemic era. The sacred period brings a sense of positivity and caring to people, and SnackVideo and Edhi wish to make it a better moment to go through.

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