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Hisense Malaysia launches portable air conditioner, price starts from RM 1,399

Hisense Malaysia has launched their latest portable air conditioner series in Malaysia to keep up with the heat. The two models, Hisense Portable Air Conditioner (AP09KVG) and Hisense Portable Air Conditioner (AP12NXG), priced at RM 1,399 and RM 1,999 respectively is currently available at all authorised nationwide Hisense Malaysia dealers.

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner (AP09KVG)

The Hisense portable air conditioner (AP09KVG) model is equipped with 9000BTU Strong Cooling Capacity which brings a more comfortable summer experience to the users. Its’ Smart Mode will adjust to the best mode automatically according to the room temperature and all users need to do is just press the ‘Smart’ button. 

Thanks to the 48dB Quiet Operation, consumers can enjoy the cool air with the portable air conditioner without any noise as the new optimized air duct design in the portable air conditioner has more outstanding noise control. ‘I Feel’ enables the temperature control range extended to the position of remote control accurately, but do take note that the operation can be only on the remote control.

Strong Dehumidification helps users to remove the extra water in the room, it works perfectly in the rainy season in order to get rid of dampness and humidity in the home. While the 24h Timer allows consumers to choose the auto-off and on time as well as the temperature by making an ‘appointment’ with the portable air conditioner through the operation on remote control. 

Find out more about the product at the link here.

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner (AP12NXG)

The AP12NXG model of Hisense portable air conditioner is capable of Multi-Function where it could be an air conditioner, fan or dehumidifier for users to choose. It has sufficient cooling capacity that provides the Strong Cooling experience to the consumers with its 12000BTU cooling capacity and 360m3/h air circulation.

If the users want Hisense portable air conditioner (AP12NXG) to be a fan, there are three wind-sensing experiences (Low Speed, Med Speed & High Speed) for the users to adjust at their will. While it is a strong dehumidifier in the home as well, it can help to absorb moisture with hydrophilic aluminum fin and keep the home comfortable all the time. 

The Auto Evaporative System makes no drainage but more convenient for the consumers due to its condensate circulation and drain-free design. The appearance of the portable air conditioner also presented its Intelligent Design with the LED display and clear function buttons on the top that gives users easier operations for the portable air conditioner.

Find out more about the product at the link here.

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