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Here is the Top 10 trending searches on Google in Malaysia for August 2021

Google Malaysia has recently released the Top 10 trending searches in Malaysia for August 2021 which ranging from online social trends, sporting events, and local news. Let’s find out the more on the list below.

Top 10 Trending Searches for August 2021 

  1. Popcat / Popdog

The online clicks-based game which results in a ‘pop’ sound and points for each click on an image, caught on locally and inspired spin-offs such as Popdog, triggering friendly competition among nations.  

  1. India vs England / Bangladesh vs Australia / Ind vs Eng / England vs India

Cricket fans closely followed the action  of the India Tour of England where the first, second and third tests concluded over the month along with the T201 where Bangladesh went up against Australia, leading to a win for Australia by 3 wickets.

  1. Doa Akhir Tahun / Doa Awal Tahun / Awal Muharram 2021

As Muslims celebrated Awal Muharram, the beginning of the 1443rd year in the Islamic calendar, they observed the occasion with prayer to welcome the new year.   

  1. Paralympics / Paralympics 2020

Netizens are closely following their favourite athletes across sporting events in the Paralympics 2020 in Tokyo. 

  1. Arsenal vs Chelsea / Liverpool vs Chelsea / EPL Result / EPL Fixtures

Football fans stayed on top of the Premier League results and fixtures where Chelsea against Arsenal and Liverpool were among the top searched matches – Chelsea tied 1-1 with Liverpool while beating Arsenal 2-0. 

  1. Fantasy Premier League

The biggest Fantasy Football League in the world, with over 8 million players, returned this season as fans and players chose their virtual 15-man squad ahead of the campaign kick-off on August 13. 

  1. Afghanistan

Netizens followed the recent developments following the collapse of the Afghan government as the Taliban took over and the impact of these changes. 

  1. Azizulhasni Awang

‘Pocket Rocketman’ Azizulhasni Awang endeared himself to Malaysians once again as he secured a Silver medal in the Tokyo 2020.

  1. Bendera Malaysia

As we moved into the patriotic month of August, netizens searched images and facts about the Jalur Gemilang in the lead up to the 64th independence day celebrations. 

  1. Pos Malaysia

Following the initial deadline extension for license and road tax renewal to September 30, 2021 announced by the Department of Road Transport (JPJ), vehicle owners looked up details on securing an appointment at Pos Malaysia. 

So, what did you searched in August? Let us know in the comments!

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