Malaysia health tourism: Urban Wellness Retreat and Long Stay Package offers a unique experience

Mr Isaac Raj, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew and Mr Ricky Yip (Left to Right) launching the Urban Wellness Retreat and Long Stay Package

Palace of the Golden Horses and GHHS Healthcare announced they will be offering Urban Wellness Retreat and Long Stay Package. This package is introduced due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and affecting the tourism industry in Malaysia which happens to be commencing Visit Malaysia 2020 currently.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew speaks about the current Malaysia tourism industry issue

During the event, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew hoped that turning the current outbreak into opportunities and does what is best for the economy of Malaysia. He also suggested that Malaysian Government to consider an extension of the visa for China tourists currently in Malaysia, looking at the situation happening in their country hoping to be allowed visa-free travel to Malaysia.

So what is the Urban Wellness Retreat and Long Stay Package?

Mr Ricky Lim from GHHS Healthcare

For those wondering about the package, visitors and tourists can enjoy up to 90 days of Wellness and Health Programme and welcoming them to stay at Palace of the Golden Horses. The long stay package priced from RM6000 per pax (per month) or from the minimum RM200/day which is includes daily buffet breakfast, set lunch, set dinner and laundry service.

Urban Wellness Retreat consists of 5 essential facilities in order to achieve the ultimate outcome to improve your inner and outer health. The 5 essentials are GHHS medical screening & preventive clinic, European Wellness Retreat, Japanese Yunohana Wellness Spa and Korean Beauty, traditional Chinese Medicine centre.

These 5 health and beauty facilities give rise for our 5 steps towards Total Wellness Concept.
Step 1 – Diagnosis
Step 2 – Detox
Step 3 – Repair
Step 4 – Rejuvenate
Step 5 – Retreat

Benefits to Malaysian and tourists

The package offered by Palace of the Golden Horses and GHHS Healthcare does benefit various walks of life who is health conscious. The author will definitely try to secure an opportunity to create an article on experiencing it. For those interested, kindly visit PalaceoftheGoldenHorses.com for more information.

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