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Hatta Dolmat: The Sustainable Project shows you how sustainable fashion are being produced in Malaysia

Hatta Dolmat is Malaysia’s first designer in the local fashion business to embrace a wholly sustainable attitude from the production to the final collections. Hatta Dolmat’s commitment for fashion sustainability is self-awareness and conscience since textile and fast fashion industry is claimed to be the second largest polluting industry for the environment after oil and gas. His sense of responsibility and forward thinking is present when Hatta Dolmat plans for his new collections; when he produces clothes or launches new collection.

Since 2015, Hatta Dolmat started to produce pouch bags made from fabric remnants from his customized prints. Since then, he had also produced other prototypes such as tie and bucket hats made from remnants and concluded that unwanted fabrics can have a high economic value if creative sewing is applied.

This year, in line with the Hatta Dolmat’s: Sustainable Awareness Movement and Hatta Dolmat’s 15 years celebration in the fashion industry, he will be releasing HD Monogram RTW sustainable collection during KLFW Digital 2020 in November on Hurr.TV. The readyto-wear offering features a mixture of pleated skirt with oversized shapes of pants, outerwear and accessories such as bucket hats, boots, stilettos and bags channeling the 1960s’ Parisian look and feel with the implementation of HD Monogram motives in a delicate white, green and grey palette. Looking to his origins as a designer, the collection also reimagined a classic Hatta Dolmat piece, the power suit. True to the brand’s enduring style, the collection had an air of classic, timeless shapes, colours and patterns meant to embody the designer’s feeling that the wild trends synonymous with fashion week should be left in the past.

The HD Monogram RTW sustainable collection is a tripartite collaboration between Hatta Dolmat, SWCorp and Kloth Cares, aimed to educate Malaysians that plastic bottles can have new life with higher purpose, if recycled into fabrics. With the factual data of textile waste collected by SWCorp yearly, Hatta and Kloth Cares are working closely together in selecting best method in producing the HD Monogram RTW sustainable collection. HD Monogram is produced from high quality fabrics in collaboration with Kloth Cares who supplies the sustainable fabrics; produced from bottles which consist of 60% recycled plastic bottles yarns (rPET) weaved with 40% cotton (organic fibre). From fabric remnants to high quality RTW collection, Hatta Dolmat is also the first local fashion designer who was able to be experimenting with the printed method and how is the colour absorbent resulted on the recycled fabric material made from plastic bottles.

Hatta has also released his well aticipated Hatta Dolmat: The Sustainable Project, first ever original Malaysian documentary-vlog miniseries, every Sunday at 12PM on YouTube.com/HattaDolmat. The miniseries consist of seven episodes and the audience will have a clear view of Hatta Dolmat’s vision on going sustainable fashion and how he managed to produce the entire collection made out of the recycled materials.

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