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Don’t miss “Raya #BersamaSaya #DiRumah” at YouTube during Hari Raya

After nearly a month of fasting during the month of Ramadan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri will arrive on this 24th May 2020. As we all know this year most Malaysians will continue to observe social distancing practices to keep their loved ones and themselves safe, the Raya celebration is expected albeit different.

As we celebrate a very unique Hari Raya, YouTube in Malaysia is bringing the festivities into your homes through its first Hari Raya live stream called, “Raya #BersamaSaya #DiRumah”, across the first three days of Raya from 24th May to 26th May. 

Catch some of Malaysia’s favorite YouTube content creators with Raya #BersamaSaya playlist or on the content creator channels. Malaysian expect local creators will share their Raya celebration experiences through virtual house visits, cooking videos, entertaining parodies, skits and singalongs, plus loads of other exciting content.   

Here are some highlights of the Raya #BersamaSaya #DiRumah line-up, and stay tuned to the playlist for more live streams and fresh premiere content!

First Day of Raya, May 24

  • Join Syedot ASMR, Smashpop, Che Nom and more in a virtual feast as they banter and share their Raya dishes while THELAKI serves up some kuih Raya in “Yeh Meh: 10 Kuih Raya.” 
  • Get the whole family laughing as Fly TV entertains you with their Raya parody skits. 
  • We Are Likely and Lunaria TV will help you look your best with make-up tutorials to bedazzle over the festive month. 
  • Renowned drummer Nur Amira Syahira will captivate you with her drum covers of Raya songs while songstress Siti Nordiana will entertain through the segment “Lebaran Kool: Siti Nordiana” on Kool TV.
  • Islamic lifestyle channel DOPStv will feature Ramadan reflections and share a glimpse of Aidilfitri at the home of Mizz Nina, Farah as well as Ili and Syahir. 
  • Be sure to also catch Jalil River for an original, catchy, uplifting Raya song.

Second Day of Raya, May 25

  • Catch Smashpop and Nur Amira Syahira again for interesting Q&As, and musical talent. 
  • Roshan Narayan is set to do an interview with Liverpool legend and brain tumour survivor Dominic Matteo. 
  • Fans of Atisha Khan, look out for her ‘2020 Raya Vlog’.

Third Day of Raya, May 26

  • Budiey and Kool presents to you ‘Sampaikan Salam Raya’ and ‘Lebaran Kool: Khai Bahar’ to keep the festive spirit going. 

Tune into the Raya #BersamaSaya #DiRumah playlist available on Google Malaysia’s official YouTube Channel! Hopefully everyone will stay safe, healthy, and blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

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