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Haiqal Iman, Malaysian Digital Artist, featured on Finn Askew ‘Roses’ Lyric Video

UK’s promising breakthrough artist, Finn Askew features digital artist, Haiqal Iman to create a lyric video for his hit song ‘Roses’ to best represent Malaysia’s essence. Inspired by his growing following in the Southeast Asia region, Finn Askew sought out creators and picked Haiqal Iman as the Malaysian representative. A self-taught graphic artist who appreciates the art of alchemy, Haiqal developed a strong passion for animation, 3D Graphics and video production.

Instinctively researching Finn Askew’s initial music video, Haiqal managed to develop an 8-Bit arcade visual with the notion of wanting to take the audience on a digital adventure. The elements chosen were based on the relatability of Malaysian culture and prominent landmarks.

“I narrowed it down to three central elements to make it reflect our home in Malaysia through our national landmarks, flower and the comfort our local meals bring us as a collective. We are blessed with so much diversity and I wanted to leave my personal touch by taking our everyday surroundings making it quirky and fun.” says Haiqal.

You can listen to Finn Askew ‘Roses’ at all major music streaming service by clicking here. You can checked out Haiqal Iman portfolio work via the link here.

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