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GR Vios Challenge Round 2 on 3-4 June 2023 sets to deliver epic night race at SIC

Toyota Malaysia has confirmed that the Round 2 of the GR Vios Challenge this this weekend (3-4 June) will be an epic night race at Sepang International Circuit. The race will be live stream so fans of racing series can tune in with convenience right at their house or outside.

The live stream will be happening on https://www.toyota.com.my/en/tgrmalaysia.html and across all of Toyota Gazoo Racing Malaysia’s social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pages. The race will feature action across four classes of racing. The race will see a total of 45 drivers competing in the Super Sporting Class for elite and professional drivers; Sporting Class for amateurs; Rookie Class for young drivers; and the Promotional Class for celebrities.

A racing weekend that is only exclusively for online viewers this time, Saturday’s (3 June) live stream will start at 6.30pm with racing action in the Sporting Class, followed by a brief intermission at 7.35pm for a performance by local actress, singer and five-time former celebrity racer Janna Nick. Racing action continues with the Super Sporting Class and Rookie Class at 8.00pm before concluding with the battle of celebrities in the Promotional Class.

On Sunday (4 June), the live stream again kicks off at 6.30pm with Race 2 of the Sporting Class, followed by Race 2 of the Super Sporting and Rookie Classes at 8.00pm, and Race 2 of the Promotional Class. Viewers will also be treated to a special performance by singer and celebrity racer Khai Bahar at 9.40pm. Spectators are also invited to “attend” the prize presentation ceremony which will ceremoniously conclude Round 2.

With no clear favourites to choose from as the seasons reaches its halfway point, Round 2 promises to be an action-packed one as all the drivers will be driving to amass as many valuable points as they can in time for the championship finale in September.

“The excitement of the GR Vios Challenge is in its unpredictability – no one, no matter in which class they are in, has a clear advantage because they are all competing on a level playing field (one make race). As we’ve seen in Seasons 1 through 5, the fight for the championship will always be decided at the very end and the live stream of the racing action will ensure that spectators will not miss out on any of the battles on track,” said UMW Toyota Motor President Datuk Ravindran K.

Featuring many of the country’s top seeded drivers, Round 1 of the GR Vios Challenge was beamed to more than 3.5 million online viewers making it one of the most viewed racing series in the country.

For more information, log on to UMW Toyota Motor (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd website at www.toyota.com.my and on the Toyota Gazoo Racing Malaysia social media pages.

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