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Google say this is what Malaysian searched for July 2020

As Malaysia start to return back to the new normal, Malaysians are busy searching on Google for the latest trend that is gaining a major traction. According to Google Malaysia, here are the top 10 trending searches for the month of July by Malaysians:

Top 10 Trending Searches for July 2020

  1. Realme X50 Pro Review Malaysia / Realme Buds Q review malaysia
    Realme’s flagship 5G smartphone and Buds Q wireless earphones launched in early July sent tech fans online to check out the buzz. 
  1. England vs. West Indies
    Local cricket enthusiasts stayed attentive to the reports and scorecards of The West Indies Tour of England.  
  1. Man United vs. Chelsea
    Local FA Cup followers were in it to catch highlights of the finals where The Red Devils went up against The Blues, losing its unbeaten 19-game winning streak, with a final 1-3 score. 
  1. 战 毒 (White War)
    Netizens were eager to know more about this crime drama series released on July 9, centered around the lives of three close friends within the Hong Kong Police Force and their war on drugs. 
  1. 7 Hari Mencintaiku 2
    The new season of this family drama series, first aired on July 2 and stars Siti Saleha and Shukri Yahaya, took up the prime time spot and a space in loyal followers’ hearts. 
  1. Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2020 / Niat Puasa Arafah* / Salam Aidiladha 2020** / Solat Sunat Aidiladha*** 
    Muslims turned online for answers on how to prepare spiritually for Aidiladha, a celebration marking the end of Hajj and celebrates the value of faith, trust, and sacrifice.  
  1. Newcastle vs. Liverpool / Man United vs. Bournemouth* / Man United vs. Southampton** / Man United vs. West Ham*** 
    Soccer fans caught on to the latest highlights and updates from The Premier League, making sure to catch their favorite clubs in action. 
  1. 三 十 而已 (Nothing but Thirty)
    This drama series, which premiered on July 17 and stars Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao, and Mao Xiaotong, drew in a local following for its portrayal of an unmarried 30-year-old in China. 
  1. Realme C11 Price Malaysia
    Gadget enthusiasts were delighted by the price tag and value of Realme’s new smartphone, launch on July 7. 
  1. Alya Iman
    Netizens sought to find out more about the Lelaki Kelas Sebelah actress who came under the spotlight over accusations of home-wrecking and gold-digging. 

As Malaysians get the hang of living under social distancing measures and SOPs, it is clear that their focus has now turned away from typical Covid-19 survival questions and back to their search for everyday tips and life hacks:

Top searched questions in July, relating to tips and life hacks

  1. makanan kucing yang bagus
  2. gam kasut yang paling kuat
  3. cara diet yang cepat
  4. cara hilangkan whitehead
  5. kereta tak boleh start
  6. jenama susu yang baik bagi newborn
  7. lagu yang best
  8. makanan yang dilarang ketika hamil
  9. cari barang hilang
  10. jadual workout yang berkesan

Also in line with going back to the way things were, entertainment was top of mind in a big way this month:

Top searched questions in July, relating to film, music, celebrity & entertainment

  1. hilang yang kembali
  2. to all the guys who loved me
  3. men are men kdrama
  4. lirik lagu how you like that
  5. will smith and jada
  6. what you waiting for lyrics
  7. siapa penny salman
  8. my mother is having an affair (Mom Has an Affair)
  9. perpisahan yang kau pinta lirik
  10. bila cupid jatuh cinta 

That’s not to say making it through current economic times was completely out of mind. Malaysians welcomed incentives and aids and were sure to look up ways to get access to it:

Top searched questions in July, relating to financial aids and incentives

  1. bsh bila masuk
  2. bila dapat ewallet rm50
  3. e penjana
  4. bila boleh keluarkan duit asb
  5. tempat untuk menuntut wang yang tidak dituntut

With July also being the month of the celebration of Aidiladha, comparison between searches this year and the last show distinctively higher search volumes for Raya Haji this year:

Comparison of Search interest for ‘Raya Haji’ in 2019 (red) and 2020 (blue)

Related search terms themselves however, were not very much different between the two years, with the main difference this year having to account for celebrating under SOPs while the celebrations of last year saw more holiday-related search themes surface due to the longer public holidays:

Top searched questions in July, relating to Aidiladha

  1. doa arafah bila 2020
  2. bila raya haji
  3. takbir muqayyad adalah
  4. dzikir yang thabit
  5. harga seekor kambing

So what did you search in July, readers? Drop your answer in the comment section and continue searching the latest trend.

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