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Google Play offers high quality, teacher-approved apps for kids

Google is making it easier for parents to find wholesome, age-appropriate, quality content for their kids, by rolling out a new Kids tab on Google Play, filled with “Teacher approved” apps that are both enriching and entertaining. 

Google have heard parents say that it can be difficult to identify age-appropriate content for their kids online. With people, including children, spending more time online today, it’s even more important to provide tools to guide kids to good content. 

“Teacher Approved” kid-friendly app content 

Great content for kids can take many forms: Does it spark curiosity? Does it help your child learn? Is it fun and wholesome? To share the best apps for kids on the Play Store, we’ve teamed up with academic experts and teachers including our lead advisors, to select the best apps for kids on Google Play.

Apps are rated on factors like age-appropriateness, quality of experience, enrichment, and delight. We include information in the app listing  why the app was rated highly to help parents determine if the app is right for their child. Apps that have been rated by teachers and meet Google’s quality standards receive a “Teacher approved” badge. 

Teacher Approved apps must meet Play’s Designed for Families security and privacy requirements, and are reviewed and curated by teachers to identify fun and inspiring apps kids will love, with or without an educational focus. 

How to find “Teacher Approved” apps in Google Play

Whenever parents or guardians search the Play Store, they can look for the “Teacher approved” badge to quickly see which apps have been reviewed and rated highly by teachers. If you want to browse content that’s been “Teacher approved”, simply go to the “Kids” tab. And, if you’re a Google Play Pass subscriber, a great selection of “Teacher approved” content is available within “Apps and games for kids.”

Supporting teaching and learning with a safe and balanced online experience throughout COVID-19

We’ve continued to help families navigate technology throughout COVID-19 – from helping parents set digital ground rules to providing resources for teaching kids how to be safer online. Here are tools and resources to keep your kids safe online while building healthy tech habits: 

Finding kid friendly content on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids offers a more contained environment for kids to explore their interests and curiosity. The app empowers parents to customize their child’s experience, including the content available to watch and how long they can use the app. Kids can access a range of helpful playlists on YouTube Kids right now, such as Healthy Habits, Learning and Indoor Activities. YouTube Kids is available in 79 countries on desktop, mobile and Smart TVs.

Set digital ground rules with Family Link

The Family Link app from Google helps parents create healthy habits for their child or teen as they learn, play, and explore online. Parents can keep an eye on screen time with daily limits and a bedtime on Android and Chromebook devices. They can also help guide their child to better content with download approvals, per-app time limits and content filters. SafeSearch is on by default for supervised child accounts, helping to filter explicit search results. 

Help your child be safe and responsible digital citizens with Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome teaches kids about digital literacy and online safety. The program offers free resources for educators and families to learn about these topics with a family guide and pledge, online safety coloring book, and simple online tips. The program features an interactive game, Interland, that reinforces internet safety concepts for kids in a fun and engaging way. It’s available globally in over 28 countries and 15 languages. 

Finding a balance with tech through digital wellbeing

For many families, it can be tough to find a balance with technology. This is why we believe talking about digital wellbeing with the family is a good place to start. To help you tackle the tough questions, we’ve created a guide to spark productive conversations and identify healthy habits that work for your whole family.

Google trust teachers to enrich the kids while they’re in school and can now feel confident as parents about supporting this experience with tools, tips, and resources as we find ourselves in a teaching and learning environment like no other.

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