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Google, Microsoft and Apple partnered with Ministry of Education launches DELIMa

Ministry of Education (MOE) today announced a refresh of its digital learning platform for teachers, educators and students. Called DELIMa, or ‘Digital Educational Learning Initiative Malaysia’, the platform is a culmination of efforts from the ministry along with Google, Microsoft and Apple.

The DELIMa platform offers all the applications and services required by teachers and students within the Malaysian school system, including digital learning enabling technologies and resources such as Google Classroom, Microsoft O365 and Apple Teacher Learning Centre. 

DELIMa, accessible via moe-dl.edu.my, was envisioned with the following guiding tenets: 

  1. Platform democratization —  digital learning accessible to all, supporting a multi-technology ecosystem. 
  2. Lifelong learning — student-centric experience so learning can take place any time.
  3. Digital transformation — MOE’s commitment to the country’s future needs.

The platform is averaging 1.7M monthly active users to-date, making it one of the largest national deployments in the world. With 10,000 schools, 370,000 teachers and 2.5 million students in the system, Malaysia is making huge strides in its digital transformation and future readiness. 

In conjunction with the DELIMa launch, a webinar attended by the national community of Malaysian educators was organized by MOE featuring a keynote by Dr. Habibah binti Abdul Rahim, Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia on distance learning and the new normal for Malaysian education. Country representatives from Google and Microsoft, along with an Apple Distinguished Educator, also touched on how technology is playing a vital role in Malaysia’s digital transformation. 


“Education and skills development are the key drivers of overall recovery post-movement control. Whether we continue to adopt digital and distance learning, or embrace a hybrid schooling model, Google is committed to working with the Ministry of Education to keep Malaysia learning.”

Marc Woo, Country Head Google Malaysia


“The Malaysia Education Blueprint lays out access, quality, equity, unity and efficiency as the key aspirations for our education system. We have long been advocates for technology to enable and enhance education around the world. At Microsoft, we believe in the power of technology to make education more accessible, inclusive and enjoyable, allowing more people to benefit from a quality education, regardless of their surrounding or circumstances.  The integration of technology as seen through the launch of DELIMa is groundbreaking, both in terms of its scale and how uniquely it touches on every aspiration laid out in the Blueprint. This is the beginning of a truly monumental journey and Microsoft is proud to continue partnering with the Malaysian government to help future proof our students.” 

K. Raman, Managing Director Microsoft Malaysia


“We believe technology is the great equaliser and that when students, educators and parents are connected with the right tools and curricula, we can unlock the creative potential in every learner. We’re proud to work with the Ministry of Education, offering iPad with the power to create anything students dream up, as well as resources such as Apple Teacher Learning Center for the new DELIMa, to help Malaysia achieve their digital transformation goals and support lifelong learning for millions of students.”

Credit to: Apple 

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