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Get your Google Assistant to read your articles now

Enjoy reading articles on Google Chrome with your Android phone? However, sometime the text maybe too long in the article, which can be an obstacle for people with visual or reading difficulties, or someone requires a little help getting through heavy text articles.

Google Assistant reads!

All this issues can be solved by using the Google Assistant on your smartphone as it can read web articles out loud now. Whenever a web article is displayed on your browser in your Android phone, you can say, “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read this page” it will immediately read aloud the content of the web page. To help you follow along, your browser will automatically scroll the page and highlight words as they’re read aloud. The reading speed can be altered and choose from multiple voices. Speaking of which, the web pages are read aloud in expressive and natural voices, aiming to use the same intonation and rhythm that you’d use if you were reading it aloud yourself. 

Wait, I’m not good in English. Can it be translated?

Google said that Google Assistant can trigger the browser to read aloud in 42 languages even if the content isn’t in your native language. All you need to do is use the translation menu to select the desired language, and all pages will be automatically translated and read out in that language. Unfortunately, Malay is not yet supported by this feature for the time being but do continue to look out for the function.

Websites don’t need to do anything special to enable this functionality. Webmasters that prefer not to use this feature can use the nopagereadaloud tag. If you’re a developer, you can add the ability for Google Assistant to read aloud content in your mobile app using Actions on Google.

Hopefully with this feature, more people will appreciate how modern technologies has advanced to help a wide variety of people access information from the web more easily. What else do you hope from Google to develop to help with our lifestyle and productivity? Drop them at the comments section and I will join the interaction as well. So stay safe and enjoy your article reading with Google Assistant.

Source: Google

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