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Gong Li to be global brand ambassador for Hisense

Hisense has just announced its collaboration with Gong Li as their global brand ambassador. The famous international movie star, Gong Li who leads the women volleyball team to win the world championships in her latest movie “Leap” has picked up a new role for herself through this endorsement – The Ambassador for the Champion of Television. 

The collaboration between Gong Li and Hisense has promoted the brand globally, just like how Gong Li brought the Chinese films to the international level. The serious attitude of Gong Li in her industry has reflected the reliability and focus of Hisense in the TV market as well. Moreover, Gong Li is always known as the “Queen” in the film industry, which enhanced the desire for Hisense to collaborate with Gong Li as Hisense is the absolute ‘king’ in the Chinese TV market. 

The survey released by China International Publishing Group shows that Hisense was one of the most familiar Chinese brands to overseas users for many years. Therefore, all these amazing results made Hisense the top in its market for 16 years in a row and became the king of the TV brand in the market, which perfectly matches with Gong Li’s amazing film career.

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