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Getting the best mobile gaming experience on the Galaxy S22+

You can go faster than your competition when you game with Galaxy S22+!

Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy S22+ is actually one of the best mobile gaming device you can get right now? Packed with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and 8GB RAM, 6.6 inches AMOLED Dynamic AMOLED 2X and stereo speaker setup, it is ready to deliver one of the most immersive mobile gaming experience you can have right now.

However, they are few things you need to setup in order to get the best mobile gaming experience on the Galaxy S22+. So, let’s learn more at below.

Screen refresh rate

Did you know there are some games take advantage of the high refresh rate on the Galaxy S22+ such as Real Racing 3? Therefore, on your Galaxy S22+, make sure to head to display settings, go to ‘Motion Smoothness’ and turn to ‘Adaptive’ option so you can enjoy the 120Hz refresh rate on your Galaxy S22+.

Get better sound with Dolby Atmos for Gaming

While the Galaxy S22+ has stereo speakers, you can even enhanced the sound quality to give you a surreal audio experience when gaming with Dolby Atmos for Gaming. However, this option is not turn on by default. So, you need to head to Settings, go to Sound quality and effects, then turn on Dolby Atmos for Gaming. You can also turn on the Dolby Atmos feature as well. Once you’re done, prepare to get an immersive gaming experience.

Increasing the memory

If you want to run multiple apps while gaming, then you need to adjust your RAM Plus settings. RAM Plus can be access via Settings, then click on Battery and device care, go to Memory, and tap on RAM Plus. RAM Plus add virtual RAM for the device and you can add up to 8GB RAM, so you don’t have to worried of any sluggish or apps closed when gaming.

Game Booster

Accessing Game Booster by swiping swipe left if in landscape mode. The Game Booster icon is a controller at bottom right!

Samsung also has a gaming feature called Game Booster. All you need to do is swipe up if in portrait mode or swipe left if in landscape mode, you will see a controller icon at the bottom right which is the Game Booster feature. Game Booster has a lot of features inside such Priority Mode, Game Plugins, Screenshots, Gameplay recording and many more.

Game Booster menu

The two feature you will most likely to use is Priority Mode and Game Plugins.

Priority modes let gamers to block incoming calls and all notifications except alarms. It also will closes apps so he network connection and processor power will focus for your gaming.

For game plugins, you can download Aim Assist (Aim assist UI for shooting games), Game Booster Plus (Customize performance for gamers), Perf Z (to monitor phone performance) and many more to help you secure the win.

So, once you’ve done these settings, you can enjoy the best mobile gaming experience on your Galaxy S22+ today!

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