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Get your latest updates on the FIFA World Cup with your Android and Wear OS devices

The World Cup is happening right now and you may find it hard to learn about the major moments. Fret not as here are Android and Wear OS devices’ new features that will help you stay up to date as 32 nations compete to win it all.  

Get in on the action with Search 

Whether you are a casual fan, soccer aficionado or hopping on the bandwagon, we’ve got you covered! To prepare for the tournament, search “World Cup” and follow your favorite teams. Simply click on the bell in the top-right-hand corner to opt-in to receive notifications about your squad. We know the best fans care deeply about the details like who is dominating the passing game. Now, when you look up a match you will be able to view in-depth stats, win probabilities and key events timelines.

Can’t watch every minute of every game? Pin the score on your Android phone so you can easily see it even while you are on the go. Using your Android Google App or from Search on mobile browsers, simply tap the match you want to track and drag to pin the score anywhere on your screen! 

Gif of someone pinning a soccer match score to their screen

You can also catch all the “ooh”, “ahh” and “GOOAAAL” moments you might have missed with daily recap videos directly on Search from FIFA+ and official broadcasters including beIN Sports, BBC, ZDF and more. Dive even deeper and look up your favorite athletes to learn more about their stories and accomplishments. 

Screenshot of a Search results page for the query world cup matches showcasing individual game video recaps and overall day 1 video recaps 

No matter which player or team you are rooting for, soccer is all about community and a little friendly competition. When you look up players on Search, you’ll be able to rate players based on how you think they’ll perform and see how that rating stands up against the others. Soon you can also compete with fans in our multiplayer online game. People from around the world will work together to help their team score the most amount of goals to win. Once a real-life match is set, pick your team and work with other fans to score the most virtual goals before the match ends.

Gif of an interactive scoring game where you are competing with players from around the world to try and score as many goals as you can 

Find exciting content from the FIFA World Cup 2022 on YouTube

There are even more ways to watch the biggest moments throughout the tournament on YouTube. World Cup fans around the globe can catch up on and rewatch the most exciting moments of every game on YouTube via FIFA and official broadcast channels. And relive and react to your favorite World Cup moments using the Remix feature in Shorts. Be sure to follow along using #ShortsFIFAWorldCup and join in the fun by using this hashtag when you upload your own content. 

Discover new places to see the action 

Want to watch the game with other fans? A new label for businesses on Search has been launched ahead of the games and help you do just that. You can simply search for “Where to watch the world cup near me” within Search to find a nearby venue of your choice. Business owners should review their local rules about showing sporting events to the public before applying the new label. 

Static image of a local restaurant displaying a business label that says “Showing the World Cup” 

Countdown with Wear OS

Don’t miss any matches with your Wear OS by Google watch. You can check your match viewing plans from your calendar in the Agenda app and ask Google to set reminders for upcoming matches. And with Hublot’s Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, a connected watch powered with Wear OS, you can wear the same watch that all of the official referees wear in the World Cup. During the tournament, you can get useful information ahead of a match, like team line-ups and player profiles. The watch even animates if a team scores, so you’ll never miss a goal!

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