Get saving on your electricity bills with Samsung Home Appliances

When searching for the right home appliances, homeowners often consider the price, cost, and physical appearance. Except for these days, consumers are also becoming more eco-conscious and would opt for energy-efficient products that not only are kinder to Mother Earth but also to your wallet. 

Whether you’re trying to keep a tighter grip on your spending or wish to reduce your carbon footprint, these are some of Samsung household appliances that fit the bill:

Grace your kitchen with Samsung Bottom Mount Freezer

A refrigerator is not just your kitchen centrepiece but a critical appliance that demands a continuous electricity supply to keep your food fresh and safe to eat. If you are getting an upgrade this year, this fridge comes with the right amount of functionality and aesthetics. And of course, it is also smart with its energy management.  

Designed to preserve food and the environment, the Samsung Bottom Mount Freezer with Digital Inverter Technology helps to save energy too. It comes equipped with a digital inverter compressor that automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demands across five levels. In return, it uses less energy and reduces wear and tears on the compressor. Besides that, the fridge’s sleek design with minimalist stainless steel finish gives your kitchen a boost of elegance – an added bonus for any stylish home-owner. 

Keep Your Living Area Cool with Windfree Premium Plus

With the sweltering hot weather in Malaysia, most households will have air conditioners installed to keep themselves cool for everyday comfort. However, one common issue that many users face is the high electricity bill that results from long hours of usage of the air conditioners.  

Fortunately, with Samsung WindFree Premium Plus, users can save up to 77% of electricity when operating in its WindFree mode compared to the Fast Cooling mode. Equipped with high energy-efficient Digital Inverter Boost technology, the air conditioner can maintain a consistent temperature with minimal fluctuations. Along with its neodymium magnets and Twin Tube Muffler, it can reduce energy usage and noise by up to 73%.

For the tech geeks, not only does this air conditioner saves energy, but it also uses AI Auto Cooling, a technology that automatically optimizes different modes by analysing your living space condition and usage pattern. It also enables the air conditioner to immediately switch in-between modes to maintain the most optimal temperature without you having to touch the remote. Moreover, stay refreshed and pleasant even after long hours of usage with its WindFree Cooling technology as it disperses air through 23,000 micro air holes gently and quietly.

Stay On Top of Your Laundry Game with Front Load Washer with AI Ecobubble and Heat Pump Dryer

While tedious, laundry is one chore we often cannot avoid due to our climate and lifestyle needs. Since our washing machine is one of the most used appliances at home, energy use can be pretty demanding – particularly for those who change clothes frequently.

So why not invest in a Samsung Front Load Washer with AI Ecobubble? Without compromising on cleaning performance, this washing machine can reduce the washing time up to 50%. Its ‘Q-Bubble’ technology dynamic drum rotation and additional water shots create more abundant and powerful bubbles, so detergent penetrates faster and washes quickly and gently. 

For many households with limited sunshine or space, the use of a dryer has become a norm. Utilize a powerful machine with intelligent energy-saving functions like the Heat Pump Dryer. The dryer uses the Heat Pump technology, which has an energy rating of A+++ due to its unique use of ‘refrigerant’ instead of electricity to heat the air. By recycling warm air, it reduces the use of energy hence letting you save more money while protecting the environment at the same time.

Smarter Way to Live and Protect the Environment 

As we move towards a greener future, Samsung continues to innovate and find ways to develop groundbreaking technologies that minimize energy use. Pursuing a ‘Planet First’ vision, Samsung will prioritize Mother Earth by making life convenient yet environmentally sustainable. As consumers, we now have the same power to decide how we live our lives while protecting our tomorrow. 

If you seek to upgrade your house with some of the mentioned Samsung home appliances, there’s no better time than now to take action! Do not miss out on the great offers with various rewards and gifts from Samsung’s ‘Stay Strong Malaysia’ promotion that will be running till 31 October 2021.  

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