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Get ready to binge watch 24 latest Premium Chinese Series on iQiyi

Crossroad Bistro

There will be a large line-up of premium Chinese shows will be on iQiyi soon for you to binge watch! iQiyi has announced an amazing line-up of 24 star-studded titles span across the genres of urban culture, coming of age, mystery and suspense, romance, historical dramas and epic sagas.

The Ideal City

Making a comeback to TV after 25 years, legendary director Feng Xiaogang delivers yet again with Crossroad Bistro. Meanwhile, following her iconic role in After I Will Find You A Better Home, top-rated actress Sun Li portrays another career woman in The Ideal City, which explores the reality of the architectural business in China. Already, over 600,000 viewers have registered their interests in the series on iQiyi. 

Lover or Stranger

Another one to look out for is Lover or Stranger. Directed by Huang Tienjen (Someday or One Day), the romance and mystery series will feature Victoria Song in two characters. The series will also see Song working with Oho Ou again. Fans of romance will also enjoy the addition of two new historical series Chang’an Memories and Forever and Ever, where Ren Jialun and Bai Lu take romance across past and current lives. 

Speaking of romance, iQiyi’s “Sweet On” collection continues to indulge fans with more sweet romances with the global rollout of Forever and Ever, Make A Wish (starring Ren Youlun and Gia Ge), First Love Again (starring Patrick Shih and Amy Chen), Sweet Teeth (starring Wu Xuanyi and Bi Wenjun), Love Under The Full Moon (starring Ju Jingyi and Zheng Yecheng) after the successful launches of Moonlight and The Day of Becoming You. More iQiyi romance originals including My HeartCrush (starring Evan Lin), Time is Love (starring Chen Youwei and Xu Yiyang), and Out of the Dream (starring Yao Chi and Chen Adding to this large collection of premium romance dramas are Summer Again, Once Given Never Forgotten, A Camellia Romance, Unforgettable Love, and I Am a Super Star.

Mystery series fans, get ready for the thrilling plots and chills, from titles which include Who is The Murderer (starring Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang, and Dong Zijian) and Danger Zone. Not to be missed is Ferryman: The Legends of Nanyang, starring renowned actors from Singapore and Malaysia, including Lawrence Wong, Qi Yu Wu and Kate Kinney, set against the unique and mysterious backdrop of Southeast Asia.

Watch all 24 Chinese series on the iQiyi international app or IQ.com today.

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