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Get more productivity with Samsung Galaxy devices

Most of us are still adapting to remote working (work from home (WFH)) and learning as we are advised to #stayathome with the current COVID-19 outbreak. Modern technology marvel has made WFH even much more enjoyable especially with mobile technology which keep us connected and informed.

With that said, Samsung has produced many innovative features to help Galaxy user to stay active, productive and connected while remote working and #stayathome. So today, let’s learn the ways you can get the most out of your Galaxy devices. You might know some of the features highlighted or have never used before, hopefully this tips can give you some fresh ideas to make your transition into new routines easier.

Staying ahead with Fast and Stable Connectivity

Felt frustrated when your internet connectivity is not up to par while you’re working or studying remotely? The quality of our home Wi-Fi speeds often do not match up to what we’re used to in the office or at school, making crucial remote meeting functionalities such as video calls a challenge to productivity.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy series supports Wi-Fi 6, which is 20 percent faster than previous-generation Wi-Fi networks even in congested areas. Also with Intelligent Wi-Fi, where users can easily activate within the Settings app, ensuring you always have the best internet connectivity experience possible by automatically switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data depending on available network strengths. 

For those who are always work on-the-go where Wi-Fi network is not available easily, the latest Galaxy 5G offers lightning-fast mobile data speeds and low latency. Samsung is also working tirelessly with its telecom partners to bring improved 5G mobile and home broadband options to more users. To learn more about Galaxy 5G, click here.

Improve your health with Samsung Health and video call in FHD with Google Duo

The Samsung Health app offers a range of tips and trackers to help you stay strong from the comfort of your own home. In the app’s ‘Discover’ category, you can explore a variety of fitness programs from body weight training to stretching exercises. For Galaxy users who wants to have a relaxed mind after a hectic day, one could even join one of the mindfulness programs enabled by Samsung’s partnership with leading wellness company Calm.

Meanwhile, those who requires meetings or remote catch-ups with colleagues, relatives and loved one, Samsung has partnered with Google to bring video calling with full high definition (FHD) clarity to Google Duo for the first time ever. Not only does Google Duo offer high quality, high speed video calling, it also allows up to twelve people to join a single video conference.

Pay wirelessly and Work Seamlessly Across Devices with Microsoft

Samsung Pay allows users to harness their smartphones as a digital wallet when shopping online and in person thanks to its contactless payment capabilities. With the app, you can order the supplies you need right to your doorstep with a simple tap online, or pay in-store for the products with just your smartphone. 

Samsung’s long-term partnership with Microsoft allows immediate access to Microsoft Office. Thus, giving you access to the tools you need to manage work and life, such as scanning and signing PDFs and converting pictures to an Excel table. With the Link to Windows feature and the Your Phone companion app, you can also access photos in your gallery, messages, notifications and other functions on your PC from your Galaxy device, keeping you in the flow without the need to switch devices.

Get entertained and bop to the beats with Netflix, Spotify and YouTube Premium

Whenever you’re working or studying remotely, it is always good to take some short break to cool off your stress. During these short breaks, you can get entertained and bop to the beats with Netflix, Spotify and YouTube Premium.

Galaxy device users will discover Netflix’s best-in-class content through an improved integration, enabling ease of content discovery and accessibility via Samsung Daily, Bixby and Finder.

The Spotify app allows for an easily access your favorite playlists across all your Galaxy devices as well. Samsung’s Full Bixby integration for Spotify also makes it easier for you to pick up where you left off on your favorite audio.

Samsung’s partnership with YouTube allows the latest Galaxy S20 users to enjoy YouTube videos and music without ads and even when you’re offline. Get up to four months free of YouTube Premium and also play content with your screen off or while using another app. 

Hopefully with the tips and guide for your Galaxy device, you will continue to productivity at home. With that said, do stay safe and optimised your Galaxy device to work remotely today. For those who are reading this now and still not a Samsung Galaxy user, why not head over to Samsung site to check out their latest offering on the latest Galaxy S20 series.

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