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GARNiDELiA album “Duality Code” to release on 17th November as ‘Otome no kokoroe’ will be opening theme song for “Taishou Otome Fairy tale”

GARNiDELiA has announced they are releasing their 1st album since they transferred to Pony Canyon, called ‘Duality Code’ on 17th November. This is their 5th Original album in total. They also announced that they will have a live performance tour in 5 cities in Japan from the 5th of December.

On the day of their debut anniversary, the release of this new album was told to their fan club members through a streaming programme before it was revealed to the media. As the title of the album ‘Duality’ suggests, the two individual talents and beliefs were put into this creation once again. Their 5th album will be the one in which GARNiDELiA restarts their 12th year of career. 

©︎ Sana Kirioka/Shueisha , Taishou Otome Fairy tale Seisaku Iinkai

This album will include 12 songs including ‘Otome no kokoroe’ which is the opening theme song of TV anime “Taishou Otome Fairy tale” and ‘Haruga Kitayo’ ‘which is the opening theme song of TV drama ‘Douse Mou Nigerarenai’ which will be on air on MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System,Japan) and others.

Tracklist for GARNiDELiA ”Duality Code”

1. Live On!
2. my code
3. Uncertainty
4. Seeker
5. Aquarium
6. Clown
7. Milk Caramel
8. Otome no kokoroe
9. First Christmas
10. Haruga Kitayo
11. stellacage
12. Reason

‘Haruga Kitayo’ is released for streaming from September 17th (Friday) prior to the releasing of the album because of the broadcasting of the drama.

‘Otome no kokoroe’ has also been released for streaming to meet the date of the broadcasting of the anime from October 9th (Saturday) and the music video has been also released.

Their live performance tour in Japan will be called, GARNiDELiA stellacage tour 2021→2022 “Duality Code”, which will start from December 5th (Sunday) at CLUB CITTA‘. They will visit 5 cities on tour.

You can stream GARNiDELiA ”Duality Code” by clicking the following link: https://lnk.to/GARNiDELiA_streaming. If you want to purchase the album, kindly head to https://shop.ponycan.com/products/list?category_id=&name=GARNiDELiA

Credited to Pony Canyon and Sana Kirioka/Shueisha , Taishou Otome Fairy tale Seisaku Iinkai

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