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Garmin Malaysia launch The Garmin Run Club 21 KM Training Program in Malaysia

Garmin Malaysia has just launched the Garmin Run Club 21 KM training program in Malaysia which aims to help Malaysian to get effectively ahead in their runs or marathon training. The training is designed and conducted by Garmin Certified Coaches, Coach Faiz and Coach Akashah. The registration with a minimal fee of RM 50, begins on 23 August until 31 August 2021. 

The training will start on the 1st of September 2021 until 20 November 2021, giving participants a comfortable timeframe to refine their approach to practise and adequately prepare for all types of running events, specifically, to compete in a 21 KM marathon category effortlessly.

“I believe that everyone can achieve their running goals. As much as a beginner can compete in a full 21 KM marathon, as will experienced runners require the consistent reminder to train and prepare themselves physically and mentally to perform,” Said Mohd Akashah, Garmin Coach He added “Join me and Coach Faiz for a step-by-step program to unleash your inner potential and all-in-all for good fun.”

The Garmin Run Club 21 KM training program is open for all who are interested in taking their runs to the next level and for those who are preparing for the  Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon Virtual Run 2021 (https://klscmvr.kl-marathon.com/2021/) happening from the 20th November till 28th November 2021.

To register, please head over to https://aeco.com.my/product/virtual-training-camp and follow the steps provided for a quick sign-up. More information are also provided through the link for your convenience.

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