FWD Takaful launches FWD CI First to simplify critical illness protection

FWD Takaful today announced the launch of FWD CI First, a plan designed to reduce complexity and constraints for critical illness protection. FWD CI First allows certificate ownersto claim if they experience a major medical or lifestyle impact, regardless of the illness, including rare or unknown diseases.

FWD CI First is available to cover individuals up to 85 years old with the sum covered up to RM1,000,000 to suit customers’ needs. The plan offers benefits that include critical illness and lifestyle impact, death coverage, as well as waiver of contribution. With the optional maturity reward benefit, customers will also get a refund of the total contribution paid upon maturity if they don’t make any claim.

The plan also introduces new coverage such as early detection to advance stage of critical illness, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stay due to specified causes and complex surgery to vital organs, among others. Additionally, the waiver of contribution feature will waive all future contributions once 50% of the sum covered claim is paid and the certificate will continue with the coverage.

With FWD CI First, customers can enjoy the following benefits:
• Critical Illness and Lifestyle Impact – we’ll pay up to 100% of the sum covered if the person covered requires major medical treatment or suffering from major organ damage, diagnosed with the most common critical illnesses or untreatable critical illness conditions.
• Death – coverage up to 100% of the sum covered.
• Waiver of Contribution – we’ll waive future contribution upon 50% of the sum covered claim paid and the certificate will remain in force until maturity.
• Maturity Reward (optional) – we’ll pay 100% of the total contribution paid upon maturity provided no claims have been made during the coverage term.

To find out more about FWD CI First and its benefits, visit or contact any FWD Takaful’s authorised agents. Alternatively, call 1300 13 7988 or email for more information.

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