Frost & Sullivan Recognises LG Electronics Malaysia For Competitive Strategy Leadership For LG PuriCare

LG Electronics Malaysia (LG) was awarded the 2021 Malaysia Home Water Filter Competitive Strategy Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan for its LG PuriCare business unit. Established in 2019, the LG PuriCare division offers consumers a range of water purifiers, air purifiers, and its latest product, the wearable air purifiers. 

Frost & Sullivan presents Best Practices Awards every year to recognise companies across regional and global markets that demonstrate outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. 

Kim Kyutae, Managing Director at LG Electronics Malaysia

Kim Kyutae, Managing Director at LG Electronics Malaysia said, “We are very pleased to receive this illustrious award from a renowned agency like Frost & Sullivan. This is a form of validation to the team’s continuous dedication to bringing beneficial and impactful solutions to consumers through innovative, high-quality products. Thousands of Malaysians are already proud owners of our LG PuriCare tankless water purifiers, and this distinction corroborates that success even more.”

“At the core of everything that LG does is the never-ending pursuit to make our consumer’s lives better through the products we manufacture. Our approach is to constantly develop trendsetting technological advances that address consumer’s ever-challenging needs – which in this case, focuses on the need to consume clean and hygienic water. LG’s first-of-its-kind ‘tankless’ technology in our water purifiers – backed by extensive research and development has redefined the local water filter industry. It is a privilege to receive Frost & Sullivan’s recognition in the area of Strategy Innovation and Customer Impact,” he added.

The water filter market in Malaysia is highly competitive, especially for major brands such as LG. A global player in the consumer electronics space, LG Electronics has always been known for its premium and top-notch products. To validate itself among the sea of brands, LG became the first brand to introduce the ‘tankless’ concept to Malaysia. This enabled the product to feature a slim 17cm design, allowing it to be strategically positioned at any economically-sized room. 

“Industry players within the water filter industry have to be creative in developing strategies that caters to the growing need for more sophisticated and innovative water purifiers due to increased water-borne diseases and the overall awareness about drinking clean water.”  said Azza Fazar, Best Practices Research Associate. ‘Before introducing any products in the Malaysian market, LG conducted an extensive research to ensure it delivers products that address consumers’ concerns. What this does is that it guarantees effective localisation for its product within the market. We commend LG for going beyond standard practices and making well-informed decisions crucial to its consumer as well as the company’s growth,” said Azza Fazar, Best Practices Research Associate.  

The LG PuriCare business unit continues to see steady growth on a year-on-year basis. For the 2021 financial year, LG Electronics is eyeing for a double digit growth for the business unit. The LG PuriCare lineup – which now includes its Wearable Air Purifier – continues to expand its offering in delivering premium products that serves visual enticement and daily practicality.  

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